Sunday, November 19, 2006

The week was one of my not quite so good ones

My car got severely damaged and I wasn't even driving it.

The little covers band imploded and the guitarist threw his toys out of the pram (I'll tell you about it another time).

I had a band practice with Mimosa and played like an idiot. Speeding up and slowing down like Meg White and with about as much groove too. These things happen and it was my first bad one for a while but I'd been looking forward to a good jam to take my mind off stuff.

I had a customer problem hanging over my head which I wasn't sure how to handle. It looks to be sorted now but these things often play on my mind until they are dealt with.

Then I found this:

It made me smile and laugh. Theena, I am a million per cent sure you'll love this.

Music is a great thing isn't it

Life's damn good really.

Have a good weekend all! What's left of it.


Theena said...

Christ that drummer is outrageous. I love what he does with the cowbell.

Indyana said...

It couldn't have been worse than mine!Our car broke down far from home, then we get back and our bathroom shower breaks and floods the hall, then I have a bad time giving a blood test ...yikesfff

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Well, there's 50 minutes to go until Monday - Here's hoping for a better week!