Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Today will be a better day.

Yesterday one of my business partners borrowed my car for a 15 minute journey.

While he was reversing out of the space on our office car park a van reversed into the side of him. The van, which was here to do a pick up from us, had a broken tail light. My car has got about £2000 worth of damage to the wing.

It clearly wasn't my partner's fault. He was stopped and the van reversed into the side of him. The van driver said that he didn't see the car. That was his defence, honestly.

He says that he is going to deny liability. This really pisses me off. Insurance companies here usually can't be bothered to fight with each other. If both parties say that the other is at fault then the insurers invariably end up saying it's a fifty / fifty scenario. So the likelihood is that the cost of this will get added on to my insurance premium over the next few years.

I'll try and stick a picture up of the damage in the next few days.

Sometimes it's hard to find a positive. I suppose at least no one was injured, my car still works and I wasn't driving it.

If I had been driving, whether it was my fault or not, I would have had about 6 months of piss taking here, just for having an accident in my car park.



Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to my partner, an asshole backed into her and after initally trying to do a runner (thankfully we were right outside a police station and i flagged down a couple of bobbies, bless them and they sorted him out)then denied liability meaning heated conversations with insurance morons.

If you/partner had right of way and have the details of the van it shouldn't affect your no claims, but be prepared for heated conversations and "may I speak to your supervisor please" type actions.

Good luck!

P.S: I hope to God your patner was insured on your car, else you may have to be creative about the identity of the driver.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks - The insurance policy is "any driver" so no probs there. I just got the estimate - £4.3k.


N said...

damn 4 grand! Fuck would have been my reaction and a toaster to the head...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I love the word Feck. It's a great Irish-ism I miss!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

anonymous - I love it too, Father Ted has a lot to amswer for. Coincidentally my partner who was driving the car is Irish, a few fecks were uttered by him at the time I can tell you.