Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I've invented a new illness.

You know the way you think of something and go off on a tangent, then another, then you turn left and deviate a bit and end up in a very different place to where you started?

Well I do a lot if it, thinking of stuff and trying to look at it from an unconventional viewpoint. It's fun and it's good, rarely productive but fun nevertheless.

I was looking at Pradeep Jeganathan's photo of an egg the other day. My mind wandered, I turned left, I swerved. I ended up with the following question in my head:

"That Pradeep fellow - Is he really, really thin?"

Because he must spend so much time taking the rather excellent photographs of food that surely it has all gone cold and inedible by the time he has finished. Either that or he's a big fat bloke because he makes piles and piles of food and eats it all after he has taken the pictures.

Maybe he's got Canonexia Nervosa.

Yep, that's it.

He's a Canonexic.

There you have it, a new ailment, Canonexia Nervosa. Its classic symptons include taking lots of photographs of food and not having the time to eat the stuff.

He really does take the best food pictures I've seen, if you can stand the temptation take a look at his string hopper pictures. At 8 AM in cold and grey West London I could do with a plateful right now!


sach said...

Click here to see a somewhat similar post. But obviously I'm not as clever as you are to come up with Canonexia Nervosa :p

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hey Sach, I hadn't read that post before, nice one. I should partake in some mutual backslapping and add that I am neither as eloquent as you nor as bad at cooking!

Darwin said...

I love food blogs but they're awful to go through when you're feeling particularly hungry and ravenous.

You might find this an excellent diversionfrom all that.