Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Mini adventure

The Rhythmic life has been a bit hectic for these few days. We had a small health scare that involved hospitals, old people and hearts. Thankfully all looks ok and, whilst it means a small New Year's party has had to be cancelled, life will go on normally. "Normally" is an entirely subjective term of course!

On other fronts, I spent much of yesterday driving a Mini Cooper whilst my own car was having something fixed. Damn I loved it.

If you imagine all the sexiness of the design of an iPod, the quirkiness of The Italian Job, the handling and feel of a Go Kart then you might have some idea of what these beauties are like.

For the relatively low price there are only two negatives that I can see. First is the fact that every person in the UK, apart form me, owns one. Second is the massive design flaw that I spotted immediately. It's one of the first specific requirements in any car and it's surprising and rather disappointing that the designers missed it. It's the plain fact that a drum kit won't fit inside it. No way Jose. Until I master my minimalist approach to playing the drums, a la Shiraaz Nooramith, I'll never be able to get my instrument of choice in one.

I think I'll continue to peruse and, if you're around these parts during 2007, expect to see one parked on Rhythmic Towers' drive.

New Year's celebrations here will be like myself, quiet, unassuming and rather dashing. January looks to an eventful month and I'm excited about many things; there'll be my biggest ever gig (if anyone here in London wants tickets please get in touch), my birthday, some band practices with my new favourite blog reader, all of which will lead up to my sojourn to Colombo.

I wish you well and Happy New Year!!


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