Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The smell of sex

There I was, happily in conversation with Lady Luck the other day when, from out of nowhere (to use a Faith No Moreism) the topic veered sharply to the right and we found ourselves talking about sex and relationships.

"No, that didn't really work out because he didn't smell right", my learned friend said.

As the suave and sophisticated "take things in my stride" sort of bloke that you all know I am, I just carried on listening, thinking that she meant things didn't "feel" right with the sad, dumped fellow. Maybe the chemistry wasn't there or he liked Coronation St and she liked Eastenders, or any number of things.

"No I mean he really didn't smell right" she said.

"BO" I thought, and said.

"No he just didn't smell right, not BO or anything, I just didn't get on with his smell". The good Dr said.

In her capacity as my new medical mentor she then went on to explain to me, her new favourite Uncle, how this smell thing can influence her choice of partner. I was, in fact I am, rather flabbergasted by this whole concept.

As far as I'm concerned women smell of perfume and stuff. The junior ones in my house tend to smell of grubby schools and soil mixed with half a can of "My First deodorant", a dangerous bouquet at times!

Men, if they're like me, smell of deodorant and men's stuff, like the wood that your drumsticks are made from. (no pun intended, but I wish I could think of a good "wood" line there).

Suddenly, at an age when I could do without this sort of thing, I've got a whole new viewpoint to consider. If you want to know the proper scientific girl's angle on this check it out here.

Just don't get me started on this other Polyfilla thing
I'm off for a band practice and a lie down now..........


Darwin said...

I've got to agree, smell is really important. Everyone has a distinctive smell underneath all the perfume and deodrant and shampoo and if you hang out with someone long enough you recognise that smell.

Smell triggers all kinds of memories too, which is also a factor. I remember once passing a really smelly fish shop and remembering someone who used to work in the same lab as me.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Fair enough darwin, but i've never had, or even heard of a situation myself where smells made 2 people incompatible. BO and plain lack of hygiene are one thing and I'm sure we've all been confronted by that at times, but the "wrong" type of smell is a new thing for me.

Indyana said...

yeah..i believe that's true...but i don't go for it seriously...what would happen to all those happy couples out there if we did...and lets not start abt arranged marriages where u have no chance to check things out...oh dear...leave things alone if u ask me...

N said...

I know the right smell when I smell it...drives me a bit up the wall...mind you only ever met two girls who had that effect on me...also could be the result of my sense of smell being the only sense that I have that works at full strength..

But never really been aware of the wrong smell...thats an intriguing one...

Curious Yellow said...

Apparently I smell of curry.
I agree.
She concurs.

The scent of curry is like the scent of a woman, but more intriguing. "Spicier" is the word I'm looking for I guess.

Yo said...

Actually, although you may not think it, smell is quite important when selecting a partner. I remember watching an episode of the BBC's "The Human Body" by Sir Robert Winston a few years ago, that said:

"But we also detect potential partners in more subtle ways. At Newcastle University Craig Roberts asks women to wear a T-shirt for several days. Men are then invited to choose the one they think smells best.

Almost invariably the men prefer the smell of women who have an immune system very different to their own. This makes good evolutionary sense - children born to parents with different immune systems have the best chance of fighting off illness themselves."

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