Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Friday, I'm Excited About...



The refurbishment at work is virtually finished. There's just a few minor touches to be added. We spent a lot of money on this and it was quite speculative. We (that's myself and my partners) knew that it needed doing, we knew that people would be positively affected by a much nicer and cleaner working environment. What we didn't know is how much of an effect it would have. It's not something that's measurable. We could never tell whether the money spent would give us a return, or if it would just be an expense with no profit.

We still don't know. What I do know is that everyone, including me, is much happier in the office. There's a feeling amongst the staff that we have visibly demonstrated we care for them by doing it. There's a huge amount more pride in the workplace. Everyone wants to keep things tidy and wants to keep it looking clean and neat. This man management thing is a tricky business isn't it?

With all things there's a balance to be struck between continual investment and spoiling people. Spoiling occurs frequently here, I often think we err on the side of treating people too well. The result is that, instead of being pleased to receive something, many are disappointed when they don't. The little extras become "givens" and are not appreciated, just missed if absent.

Currently all are happy with the refurb. Now we need to keep the enthusiasm that it has kicked off and build on it.

This Sunday sees me and the girls heading off to the new Wembley Stadium to see Muse live. They're the first live band to play there, although George Michael played a few days ago there. I think perhaps he doesn't count because he's crap or something.

The academic brother is coming too. The girls are excited as am I. I've wanted to see Muse live for a few years and this should be an occasion to remember. I'll keep you posted.

One thing that pisses me off about the nice weather we get here for a couple of hours every year; it's that fucking song "Boys of Summer" by Don Henley. What a load of shite. The only song on a par with it is "Summer of '69" and I believe it's illegal to not like that if you are under 35 and live in Sri Lanka.

Rant over. The rest of the stuff is all good and exciting. I've bought myself a little ticket to visit the motherland too. That's always enough to make a simple bloke like me highly excited.

Have fun all.


Anonymous said...

when are you off to CMB then?

Anonymous said...

Off to colombo...hhhmmm thats good its time for a sarong-wearing lesson by Sarongtroubleshoter...

Beatrice Hannah said...

The SLBC plays "Everything I do" even more than "Summer of 69", either way it is a painful prelude to the BBC. Enjoy Colombo!

Theena said...

One Sri Lankan blogger, Tasmanian Devil I think, said it best when he dismissed 'Summer of 69' as music for middle-managment meat-heads to headbang to. I almost chocked laughing :)

Anonymous said...

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