Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Morning, 8.30 AM

Here I am. Lying in bed, sarong floating somewhere around my bed, I know not where. It's a Barefoot sarong, which is the important thing, I wouldn't want you to think I was one of those fellows who wears a House of Fashion one or something even worse.

The old Sri Lankan blogosphere always takes on a slightly different air at weekends. I've noticed less activity in terms of frequent new posts but there's a different mix of people that do post. Natural I guess, the one who do all their posts while sitting at their desks are now busily having fun and way too tied up to blog.

Me? Well I'm excited, which is par for the course.

Why? Because in a few hours' time I'm off with the girls to see Muse at Wembley Stadium. The sun is out, a rarity here, the reviews for last night's gig say that it was spectacular and mindblowing and I can't wait. It's also the first proper gig that the girls have been to. They've seen me play a few times but this is a real band, one with albums, T shirts and DVDs and the like.

Not only that but they'll be supported by Biffy Clyro and My Chemical Romance, the perfect support bands for my 10, but almost 11, year old's emo tendencies. Apparently she's not actually an emo because "they slit their own wrists".

No, I haven't got the faintest either. The 13 year old is more cool, more sarcastic and more worldly wise. She spent half an hour yesterday trying to convince me that she could be a "goth" and that it was okay.

I don't actually know what the hell a goth is to be honest. I know they wear black and look like the Munsters, I know they all like Marilyn Manson and have white streaks in their hair, but that's the extent of my knowledge. Oh, and I know that no daughter of mine is going to be one, no way Jose. As I said to 13 year old:

"But you can't be a goth, you're a rock chick"

And I meant it.

Turns out she was having a laugh about the whole goth thing, no way would she be a goth and what exactly did I think she was like?

Ah well, I better get up, there's lots of showering to be done and Muse to go and see.

Now where exactly is that sarong?

Happy Sunday all.

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