Friday, June 22, 2007

You'd sleep with...

We were chatting in (the) office today about strategic issues, the impact of a possible interest rate rise on our cost base and Tony Blair's position on the EU issues. But, after a while we moved on to some serious topics, the type which every man will understand.

Who would you choose:

1. Beyonce or Shakira

2. Shakira or Fergie

3. Britney or Christina

4. Courtney or Jennifer

5. Dawn or Carly (from Eastenders)

6. Madonna or Catherine Zeta Jones

7. Angelina or Jen

8. Pamela or Uma

My answers are:

1. Shakira

2. Fergie

3. Britney

4. Jennifer

5. Carly

6. Madonna

7. Jen

8. Pamela.

Any thoughts?

PS - Sometimes doing research for a post is tough going.


Anonymous said...

I think for one its not just men that have these kinds of conversations how much do you know about women?

1.Brad or George (Clooney not Bush)
2.Orlando or Brad
3.Johnny Depp or well..god himself.. no contest
4. Starsky or Hutch
5.Waqar or Wasim
6.Beyonce or Shakira

my answers
1. threesome..please
2.brad, i'm not gay
3. jd
5.mmm Waqar now because Wasim has diabetes and wouldnt last
6.very tricky, Skakira for technique probably.. so i shoot me

ravana said...

I really love these mentally challenging posts of yours... Hmmm... lets see:



3. Christina

4. Courtney

5. Don't have a clue

6. Madonna

7. Angelina

8. Pamela

BUT how about a negative choice now... if you HAD to make a decision, would you rather get sodomized by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa or fellate Anura Bandaranaike?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

anon - you sound like an interesting girl....

Ravana - Thanks mate, sometimes I have to put the effort in and do these intellectual ones, other times I'll do the easy stuff about identity and what have you. I'm genuinely surprised you'd choose Courtney over Jen.

As for your question, well would vibrating condoms be involved?

Theena said...

1. Beyonce or Shakira - Tough. Can I have them both? Please?

2. Shakira or Fergie - Shakira

3. Britney or Christina - Neither unless I am really desperate.

4. Courtney or Jennifer - As in Courtney Love or Cox? I wouldn't touch Courtney Love with a ten foot pole. Cox on the other hand....

5. Dawn or Carly (from Eastenders)- No idea who either are.

6. Madonna or Catherine Zeta Jones - Easy. Catherine. Madonna I wouldn't touch.

7. Angelina or Jen - Angelina. Those lips....sigh.

8. Pamela or Uma - Pam. Purely for sentimental reasons. *Walks down memory lane*

ravana said...

I meant Courtney Love, not Cox.

Anonymous said...

This list is a perversion. Just put Chocolate Biscuit Pudding at the top. thank you.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Theena - I meant C Cox, but I'd prefer Love to Cox. I wonder if women prefer love to cox!

Ravana - I reckon Love would be able to teach us a few tricks.

Anon - Your voice sounds so familiar sister!

N said...

hehe...this a good one..

1. Easily Shakira (her hips can move!)
2. Easily Shakira again (I can't forgive Fergie for her awful music)
3. Christina (cuter, and have a thing for the name)
4. Jennifer (I've had a crush on her for the longest time, Courteny reminds me of an ex I can't stand)
5. not the foggiest
6. Ms. Zeta Jones (bit young for Madonna)
7. Err....can't I have both. Else I would pick Angelina cos I've already slept with Jen:) (well in this list anyways)
8. Uma by far

The Benevolent Dictator said...

1. Beyonce
2. Shakira
3. Christina (seems more wild..and I can't stand Britney after seeing her bald...)
4. courtney (I've had a crush on her since the Misfits of Science days)
5. Dunno
6. Ms Zeta Jones! (that walk up the Petronas stairway on Entrapment...!!)
7. Angelina
8. Pamela

Mine seem almost opposite to yours RD!

sach said...

Let's see, who would I sleep with.

1. Shakira
2. Shakira
3. Christina
4. Jennifer
5. Eastenders never made it to SL. lol
6. Cathrine ZJ
7. Angelina
8. Uma (I have a thing for long legs)

And RD, just out of curiosity, why Britney?!?

SpectralCentroid said...

1. Shakira (although she's tiny)
2. Fergie
3. Christina (eventhough I'm usually not a big fan of skinny girls)
4. Jennifer
5. No idea as to who they are, but for sure I'll do one of them
6. Can't decide. Catherine ZJ is of course, well, Catherine ZJ, but I'm thinking Madonna can take me on a few wild rides.
7. Angelina
8. Uma all the way

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sach - I'll always have a soft spot for Britney, ever since the video for "Slave 4u"

shanX said...

1. Shakira, fair lol
2. Shakira
3. Christina, cute!
4. Jennifer (Lopez, Garner both :D)
5. lol dunno who
6. Not consumable anymore, Best before: 2000
7. Angelina :D
8. Pamela, heh heh ;)