Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dark Brown, Silky And A Bit Tasty

It's a bit unmanly to say such a thing but I've always been a fan of chocolate and I'm not talking about that song by that lot that Child of 25 likes either.

I'm no connoisseur of the stuff but I know what I like. Some years ago I went with the girls to a chocolate factory in France, no it hadn't melted. We were given a tour, told exactly how the stuff was made and about the craftmanship that goes into it, all about the percentage of cocoa and technical things.

Sadly I understood fuck all as it was in French, but I was told about it afterwards. Anyway, the whole point of this "tour" was a cynical ploy to get the parties into the gift shop where we'd all pay extortionate amounts for bars of this handmade chocolate. I was wise to the plot and escaped things, only buying a small bar of fruit and nut plain chocolate for the bargain price of about £25. Frankly it was unimpressive. It tasted good, just not £25 worth of good.

But I'm firmly a plain chocolate type of chap and I'm mightily pleased that plain chocolate is high on the agenda in the UK. A few years ago we could buy any type of milk chocolate we wanted, you name it and it was on the shelf of almost any supermarket, but we were confined to Cadbury Bournville and the occasional other brand of plain plain chocolate. That wasn't a typo either. I meant plain chocolate that was plain, not fruit and nut or anything similar.

One of the things I loved about going to France, and most people here in the south of England do it about 9 times a month, was the availability of plain fruit and nut chocolate. Every supermarket, or hypermarket, had an aisle full of the stuff and it was all great quality and delicious.

These days we can get it in the UK too. Any Tesco has a large selection of the plain stuff and the manufacturers are bringing out new types of plain bar all the time. Cool. There's even a plain chocolate Flake and a plain variation of Kit Kat. things are on the up.

But my old favourite, even though it's banned in the US or illegal in Afghanistan or whatever, is Cadbury's Dairy Milk. Something about the taste that feels like home. Perhaps it's the gorilla thing!


Darwin said...

I'm not sure about plain chocolate, but Lindt and Green & Blacks do 72% dark chocolate which is just amazing for melting and dipping strawberries in :)

S said...

I like my chocolate like I like my men - rich, dark and smooth.

Definitely agree the world has gotten better since Green & Blacks, Lindt and Divine became widely available <3

Favourite place in London: Hotel Chocolat

Favourite place yet to be visited in the UK? Cadbury World. Let's make a trip of this, eh?

santhoshi said...

All this talk about chocolate makes me crave one right now. I have just started a resolution last week not to eat a single piece of chocolate for a month.

Confab said...

excuse my not-so-sophisticated chocolate ways, but i used to love the nut chocolate they sell at Lidl. It's only 79p so it was easy on the student budget. I used to load up and eat so much of it. It's the one with the blue and gold wrapper. Does anyone know what the hell i'm talking about or should i just shut up?

N said...

when you say plain do you mean dark? Also for pure chocolatey heaven try La Maison du Chocolat champagne truffles...drool...

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Darwin - As long as you're not dipping dingleberries in it, it sounds ok!

S - You're on, Lets go sometime.

Confab - Lidl - Good God, what were you thinking?

N - Yes, for plain read dark.

Savi said...

that gorilla's like question of my life!! I still don't get it..not much of a fan of dairy milk but the lindt and green and black stuff are very very good...tescos finest isn't bad either :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Savi - I don't think I get the ad either, it's something I've thought a lot about too. But I've decided that it's about each person's interpretation of it. I think that's its beauty, I can't help being mesmerised by it everytime I see it.

Anonymous said...

On a different note you have gone black & the famous photographer in sarong, has gone white it for the sake of a change ..a bet lost/ won..something you did after a couple of rounds .....or too much chocolate?


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

JP - Just experimenting with different looks to be honest. I like to change it now and again.