Friday, October 12, 2007

Spacing and Stuff

Does anyone else have this fucking frustrating thing where you write a post on one PC, then use a Mac as well and find that the spacing gets totally messed up?

I've done some research, well as much as my total lack of geekiness allows, and discovered that it's something to do with IE, Safari and text editing. I've also discovered that quite frankly all that means absolutely fuck all to me.

It's a problem that annoys me. I'll write a post at work, edit it at home, maybe look at it again the following day at work and play with it a bit. I do the preview thing and it looks nice and presentable, then,when I publish it, it looks like someone has crept in and stolen the spaces between the lines, or often added a load more to give me about 3 lines' of space between each line of text.

I know this blogger software isn't liked by many people but I'm not sure if it's a blogger, a Safari or an IE problem, or a combination. It's annoying though and it's bugging me.

Any ideas?

Have a good weekend all.


Anonymous said...

Was surprised to note that , you do play with your stuff before you publish it...;).

Then again such flow can not be achieved at one go , I suppose .

As for the weekend wishes , you have a good one too.


Java Jones said...

Dat's a gremlin in yo machine maan. Yo gotta lure its little ass out an do da needful.

Theena said...

That's an issue with MS Word. Basically it adds a ton of useless, invisible formatting that only shows up when you paste the text on a Rich Text Editor like Blogger or Wordpress.

I have a simple work around, but I can't guarantee results. All you need to do is to copy the text, paste it to Wordpad in Windows, then copy the text off Wordpad and paste it into the Rich Text Editor.

What that does is remove Word's useless formatting options. Or so I think.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks Theena - But would it apply if I don't ever use word for blogging? I always put text directly into blogger and it appears different when I then view it later.

Theena said...

Seem to have misunderstood your problem. Sorry.

What browser do you use, Safari or Firefox? I am not sure if any major blogging applications were tested on the former.

I'd give Firefox a try, failing which I'd recommend using the Flock browser a shot. It has a tools made specifically to meet the needs of bloggers on Wordpress and Blogger.