Sunday, October 14, 2007

Easy On a Sunday Morning

Laptops are good. I can lie in bed, sarong floating somewhere, listening to that typical British loud stillness of a Sunday morning while I type a post about nothing in particular.

The day ahead is filled with good things. Some serious practice for both bands, some exercise and a visit to an old friend that I'm aniticipating with excitement and apprehension.

I started to listen to the background a few minute ago. It's still and quiet. There's the occasional distant hum of a vehicle, the drone of a bus or the higher pitched purr of a powerful car. I heard a plane take off and wondered if it was the first one of the day's hundreds leaving Heathrow. Was it a 747 full of the usual mix of people going to New York or was it a little 737 going to Spain with a load of tourists?

What was the feeling and atmosphere on the plane? I'm sure the passengers had arrived a the airport hours ago, full of exhilaration and enthusiasm about the time to come.

The sound of the London suburbs on a lazy Sunday morning is so contrasting to the sound I know I'd witness if I were in the heart of Colombo. Here all is still, there's no constant horning, no permanent diesel rumble, none of that continual noise that I miss whenever I get back to London. Yet, I adore both soundtracks and they're both part of my life.

And I can't seem to comment on any wordpress blogs right now, which is annoying. I saw a post that someone had written about this a little while ago and I guess it's over zealous spam blocking, or just discrimination against drummers! If you're reading this Java, Theena and Naz, you may just find some comments from me lurking in your spam box. Please release me or I'm going to have to change my name or something.

On a final note, many happy returns to Darwin. I hope your year is a great one.



Theena said...

Hey, R

Just checked my comments dashboard and, nope, nothing. Usually, Wordpress emails me a notification if there is a comment that needs moderating so I was rather surprised by your comment.

Do you get any error messages once you make the comment? Try this: clear your browser's internet cache and make a test comment.

Darwin said...

Thanks :)