Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gawd help my friend!!!

So a "friend" of mine, a chap I admire greatly in fact, told me this story. He's an almost divorced bloke, an incredibly good looking musician type and he's got two daughters, aged 11 and 13.

Apparently he texted their Mother to ask about collecting them tonight as he's got them for the night and is taking them out tomorrow. The text was about finer details and not really important, but the response was scary and filled my friend with fear and trepidation. It said this:

"I don't envy you. Good luck with them, 13yr old's got her period and 11 yr old's got PMT".

My friend is positively shitting bricks, he's more nervous than a BA pilot who's been instructed to follow the plane in front, the one with the Sri Lankan flag on it.

Life would be so simple if it wasn't for women, periods and all that stuff!


Darwin said...

Lol! It's best if your 'friend' steered clear from asking them if their bad mood is due to the period, I know for a fact that question is a firestarter.


T said...

but it wouldn't be interesting then, would it?


Bea said...

ah naeae pau!

Anonymous said...


Oh boy . ain't your friend the unluckiest guy . A dinner of full boiled eggs & prawn curry would do the trick ...Pls let us know how it goes ...I am taking notes .


Indyana said...

Haha.... my sympathies are with your good looking "friend"!He most definitely needs it!

sach said...

lol good luck to your 'friend'

Confab said...

why don't u help him out and take on the kids for tonight? after all, what are friends for!?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

To all - My ahem "friend" said thanks for your words of encouragement.

Confab - He's a capable fellow who really won't need my help but thanks for the idea.

Theena said...

That's the kind of situation that all fathers dread of I would imagine. heheh

Good luck to your friend :)