Friday, October 5, 2007

Recently in The Sri Lankan Blogosphere...

I thought I'd pen a few words about blog things that have been happening lately, more specifically Sri Lankan blogs, or ones that relate to Sri Lanka.

Ian, the1truecoolguy, looks to be back. I have spent way too much time wondering if, and when, he'll regret choosing that name. I reckon by the time he gets to 26 he'll be wishing that he'd chosen something more like "Ian Selvarajah" as opposed to something that will definitely embarass him in the future. No matter though, his blog is always lively and we hope his comeback post will be the start of many. Well not the start of many comeback posts but the start of many posts.

Stateside N, aka childof25, has been getting heavy and political. His post on the state of Sri Lanka, whether it is a failed state, has created interest and comments and his next post about Sri Lankan politicians behaving like pigs at a trough has upset many. There have been angry protests by pig supporters everywhere and N's has been refused entry to several pig farms as a result.

Julesonline and Beatrice Hannah have both been missing Sri Lanka. Jules has been eating dhal on toast and Bea has been job hunting and going to Sri Lankan restaurants. I know what they mean about missing Sri Lanka. While we in the UK are getting used to 36 hours a day of darkness and the wearing of jumpers and frilly underwear you lot in Sri Lanka are enjoying blistering heat and the one of the highest rates of inflation in the world. And when I said frilly underwear, I meant thermal of course, although Jules and Bea may well be wearing frillies. Even though these two aren't really blogs about Sri Lanka or listed on Kottu and Achcharu I still check in and see what's going on with them regularly.

Indyana has been busy too. She's been on a youtube bender checking out all her childhood favourites. Personally I was pleased to read of her love for Paddington Bear and Steve Austen. Only the other day I was pretending to run bionically up the stairs at work. There's a knack to running in slow motion, dropping your shoulders and humming the theme tune that only men of a certain age group can appreciate. She has also shipped, or planed, her Mother in Law off to the UK. Cruel, but understandable.
And, searching for "youtube bender" may not be advisable.

Ravana and Childof25 are both running caption competitions with pictures of Mahinda at the moment. Frankly I have been disappointed with the standard of entries on Ravana's post so far. N's is still in its infancy, but my vote goes to the "pile of crap" line so far. Not that I'm biased.

Over in the motherland itself many bloggers are dealing with some serious stuff.

Cerno is getting used to married life and dealing with the whole transport and logistic thing that a wife and in laws bring to the table. I reckon he's in for a shock if and when there are a few little Cernos to add to the transporting thing. That's when he'll have to consider buying his own trishaw, on which some great artwork won't go amiss.

Confab, he of the band, has been in hiding. He has been totally shitting himself after reading reports of an "armsgiving" to 100 senior citizens. Everytime he sees Java or someone else over 85 he body searches them and tends to get a few swift kicks in first.

Dominic Sansoni, he of the cameras, lenses and sarongs, has been snapping away at cricketers and stripes. His work is of the usual high standard but I have emailed him to let him know of a problem he hasn't spotted. The picture of Malinga has somehow come out with a whole load of strange streaks in Malinga's hair. Must be some dirt on Dom's sensor or streaks on the lens.

Last and by no means least I come to Darwin, probably the best blogger in the world. She's been facing "Dingleberries" from the Russian who doesn't use toilet paper. I was upset and disappointed that she called him "RD" and would like to make it clear that not only do I use toilet paper but I also use the moist Andrex wipes too. She has also been out for dinner with the Russian fellow, but keep that to yourself for obvious reasons. I hope she stayed away from the Dingleberry pie on the dessert list. She followed this up with a post to prove that she really is an academic, all about fasting and science, real complicated matters.

She mentions circadian rhythms, something I've been trying to master for some time now. I'm nearly there but can't quite get the bass drum pattern yet. I may have to consult Shiraz Nooramith on this for some help.

And those are the ones that have caught my eye lately. Notable quiet blogs have been Java's and Lady Luck's, we hope they're back soon.

That's all for now, I might do this as a regular thing if anyone's interested in the blogs I read. We'll see!


Darwin said...

Thank you for that best blogger in the world remark, was it to soften me up before saying that I went out with the Russian?! I'd like to state for the record that I didn't go for dinner with him, it was someone else.

I'll change my impression of your tissue use on nether regions (or lack thereof) if you change your impression of my taste in men!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Darwin - Pleasure as always.

On the whole arse wiping men thing though. If you did like men with dingleberries, then I guess it would be a good thing if I thought you thought I didn't wipe my nether regions.

I have confused myself somewhat now!

cerno said...

"consider buying his own trishaw" ??!!

During this morning's commute Mrs C said she wanted to buy me a trishaw for my birthday.

I'd work out the probability of this theme but my super computer blew a gasket (again)....

neha vish said...

Hey. Lovely roundup! I couldn't find a contact id for you on the blog, I was wondering if you could mail me back at nehavish[at]gmail[dot]com. Really keen on talking to you about something GV related. Would really really appreciate it..

the1truecoolguy said...

"if, and when, he'll regret choosing that name."

NEVER!! I've already been through several years of people (especially women) laughing and/or rolling their eyes when I make mention of the1truecoolguy, but soon enough, they all realize it's a fitting name! :P

Java Jones said...

Bin spacin out wit dat one-hand clap-trap maaan - tends to stem da flow

Indyana said...

Aw c'mon! It isn't as if I pushed her off a cliff or something!Woking needed her!
Actually she's there to be with her new grandson,and the rest of the entire clan.

Tanie said...

Just stopping by, haven't been around for a very long time....glad to see you're still Blogging

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

neha - I sent you an email at the weekend, hope you saw it.

Tanie - Nice to see you back, how could I forget my very first....commenter?

N said...

Actually small factual correction...I was more pissed off in my post about the US Federal staff siphoning off my money to fund their luxury plane tickets...not to say that I'm not pissed off about the SL politicians as well...but I've said that enough and more times;)...I'm hoping the pigs will forgive me soon...or at least forget.