Friday, October 19, 2007

Recently in the Lankan Blogosphere

What's been going on?

The big news is Ian's suit. It's white. Can we all say "aah aah aah aah staying aliiiive"?

Almost as big news is the debate, if it can be called that, going on at Indi's place. Sittingnut has launched a series of personal attacks on Indi and his family, accusing them of all sorts of mad things. One good thing about it is the fact that Indi has confessed to the killing of Nicole Simpson. I always thought that there just wasn't enough evidence that OJ did it.

Java has even written a post that has been prompted by sittingnut's vituperative comments. I learned what the word "vituperative" means.

Over at The Black Lullaby stories and allegations of hacking and devious plots are unravelling, frankly I haven't got a clue what exactly is going on but it's something to do with themissingsandwich and hacking and things.

Sach's post about virginity continues to attract unsurprising interest.

"The huge fuss made about virginity is a load of bollocks" says our heroine. I'm not sure whether she meant that to be a funny line, but I laughed so much that I almost lost mine.

To follow it up Sach's been going to the cinema and perving over courting couples. Meanwhile over in Glasgow Darwin has been having cold showers. I'm developing a theory on this. It's a tenuous one but bear with me. Perhaps it was Darwin and the Russian in the cinema sitting behind Sach and the cold shower was much needed to calm Darwin's passions. Ah yes, I have the makings of a detective for sure.

Outstation Life has become West Country Life and our Bea is getting ready for wedlock, sending out invitations and eating geese.

Cerno has been spilling the beans on the inner workings of Sri Lankan politics. His post relates to events from some months ago but is still relevant. I think its a tad on the optimistic side to think that Sri Lankan politics has cleaned up its act since then! Cerno probably won't be invited for any more of those types of dinner but I have a feeling he won't be that bothered.

Achcharu was down for a short while. There is a rumour that a poet hacked into it, as yet unsubstantiated. In fact the rumour was as yet unstarted, but now I've started it, I think. There was panic from Darwin, Java and myself as we all wondered if the problem was with our own settings or if everyone was experiencing the same symptoms. Thousands of emails were exchanged and I'm sure many of Ach's other regulars were going through the same things. Drac finally escaped from his shed, where he had been locked in by a chap who looked like William Shakespeare, and freed Ach from the Bard's evil clutches for all of us to enjoy again.

There was a plethora of blog posts about nature and the environment on blog action day, or whatever it was called. I can't remember the exact name but I read many and DO think it was a great idea to increase awareness. Child of 25's superbly written and thought provoking post went to the top of my list. He's a man of conviction, but may consider starting not killing scorpions as a way of contributing!

Ravana, one of those fellows whose blog always gets lots of attention and I wish would publish more posts, bunged up this beauty. He clearly outlines the terrible hardship and turmoil that poor Malaka Silva must be going through. Apparently he's recently been released on bail of Rs 50,000. That's a lot of money and is sure to guarantee the safety of everyone in Colombo's nightclubs. Let's face it, it can't easy suffering the kind of persecution he faces on a day to day basis and most of us can probably genuinely sympathise a bit now that his Sri Lankan Mother has got involved. Hell hath no fury like a Sri Lankan Mother, except perhaps an Aunt.

To round up the round up there are couple of blogs that are sort of new. Well, one is revived and one I think is new. Hot Chocolate, one of my favourite blogs, is back. I'm unsure exactly why I've always found this so readable, I don't know S, the author, at all. But she's risen from the ashes, like a mathematical phoenix, due to public demand (Cerno) she's changed the colour scheme and I hope she stays, in the words of those Take That boys, back for good.

And the new one that caught my eye and made me laugh out aloud is the very own blog of Mahinda Rajapakse. It really is the funniest blog I've read for quite a while and I urge anyone to check it out.

Those are the ones that have caught my attention in the last couple of weeks. If you'd like to be included in the future just send me a Britney Spears or Jennifer Aniston lookalike, or the real thing. Or a pair of drumsticks should do the trick.



Indyana said...

wah! I'm not on the list! Ok I quit talking to you buddy!:p

cerno said...


RD, you just the person Neha of Global Voices Online is looking for to write about the SL blogosphere.

Maybe they ought to syndicate your "Recently in the Lankan Blogosphere" posts. Will definitely help global voices chill out a little. ;)

And many thanks for the hot chocolate.

sach said...

Deflowering a drummer has always been my fondest wish so glad to hear I almost did :p

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Indyana - Please don't blank me, I've got to give others a turn!!

Cerno - I did speak with her but can't really commit to doing it regularly. Maybe when I've got more time I'll be able to do it if she hasn't found anyone.

Sach - You only missed out by about 25 years!

ravana said...

Wow, I'm flattered!