Thursday, October 18, 2007

How Long is Good For you?

I heard a ongoing debate on the radio about how long people wear a pair of jeans for before washing them.

I was amazed and feel a need to do some research on this. I always wear one pair of jeans for several weeks before they hit the washing machine. Unless I have a client meeting I wear them for work, gigs, band practice and more or less everything. I do change into a sarong at night of course. A Barefoot one.

I believe in this as a rough policy. Rough because I think it works in a climate like the British one. In Sri Lanka I change my jeans far more regularly, what with the humidity and pants activity and all. I also think that newly washed jeans look like crap, they need a few days of wearing in before they even begin to look natural.

How about you?


Times Eye said...

i agree with the fact that denim gets better when its bit old

Darwin said...

Around 4 or 5 wears before going in the washer. Unless there is mud involved. It's more often in SL though, but I tend to wear more skirts and shorts than jeans in SL.

Parthi said...

it goes for a week and sometimes even more...denim is very good at hiding flaws i suppose...i love them

Confab said...

well, i use 3 pairs of jeans. i generally wash each pair about once a month as i wouldnt wear each pair more than 4-5 times a month.

newly washed denim is just uncomfortable.

Janus said...

Wear it twice then wash it..

S said...

Two weeks minimum.