Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Behind The Scenes At London, Lanka and drums.

I was looking through the inner workings of London, Lanka and drums a minute ago and felt a but surprised to see that I've got sixty one draft posts lurking there in differing states of undress.

There are a few completed ones that I've not yet published, either because they've not reached the depths required for publication or because they were about something that happened at the time and the urgency's gone.

Most of them are ones I've started and never finished. I do this quite often when I'm hit by a bit of inspiration from somewhere. Someone might say a passing phrase or I might see something that grabs me and I'll quickly write the title with a line or two to remind me to come back to it at a later time. Sometimes I look back at these titles and wonder what on Earth that one was supposed to be about.

I must admit the one entitled "Review Of The First Colombo Grand Prix" has definitely got potential. I started to write it after watching the Singapore GP last year and, just like the Colombo GP, came to a standstill. The first couple of paragraphs have actually cracked me up as I read them, even if I say it myself.

So far it features Mervyn Silva, Lewis Hamilton and a thinly veiled reference to that time Dinidu forgot his ID, left it in his mother's car or something. I also remember that the race was going to feature a photographer driving an orange Land Rover, though any similarity to any person in real life would have been entirely intentional.

"How To Make A Sri Lankan" has got me perplexed. It starts with some commentary about me, a trend in many of my posts, sitting at the dinner table with my parents. It continues with my narrative about the conversation and about an attack, one that I didn't see coming. Clearly not only did I fail to see it coming but I also failed to remember it going, as I have no recollection of the events I was going to attempt to amuse with.

"The Pros And Cons Of Fruit" will probably get deleted very soon. In fact, by the time you read this it may have been consigned to the virtual bin. It's crap and should never see the light of day.

"That's Enough" is one I started only a few weeks ago but I'm sure will never get out as it's factually rubbish now. You see I started it because I had noticed that I'd got to a nice round figure of one hundred friends on Facebook. My idea was to write a quirky post comparing Facebook and the concept of Facebook friendship with real life and real life friendship.

I'm not one of these people in real life who has friends in every corner. I'm that other group, the type who has just a handful of friends whom I consider to be very close to. I've also got lots of "virtual" friends, people whom I haven't actually met fact to face yet I would consider as genuine friends. The whole issuse of what a real friend is was going to be explored in the post.

The opener is based on the idea of "cutting off" my FB friends at one hundred, something one would never even think of in real life. The idea was abandoned as, just as I started the post, I got two friendship requests on FB, both which couldn't be refused and I'm now on one hundred and two, which doesn't have the same ring to it as the good old century.

"DD Said That Money DOES Buy Happiness" is one that I started that after being inspired by a comment DD left on TMS' blog, in which he said exactly that. I was going to present my opposing view; that money doesn't buy happiness, but it can help to buy things that can help to make us happy. There, I've more or less said it now anyhow, that's another I can delete.

Fear not dear reader, I shan't bore you with a run down of each of the sixty one drafts, it was just to give you a picture of how things operate here. Well, also because I was a bit stunned at the figure too.

Now I'm thinking about what to do with these fledglings. Perhaps I could take some of the promising ones and sell them for charity. Maybe there'll be young beginner bloggers who'd pay good money for them, then could change some names and key points and chuck them up on their blog as their own.

Perhaps I could swap some of my drafts with some of yours. Then you might suddenly notice DD chucking up a post that was incredibly witty on the same day that I publish one that's incredibly, erm, advertising.

Or I could sell them as rare unpublished RD posts, to raise money for me good causes. People might display them on their living room walls in years to come, in the same way some coves own rare unpublished works by authors and artists.

Then, this sounds morbid, but I assure you it's nothing more than a fleeting thought, if I was to die what would happen to them? Would they languish in cyberspace for eternity. Would someone eventually find my blog and guess my passwords and take them, to do whatever they want with them?

I tell you. It's thought provoking this blogging business, it really is.


ViceUnVersa said...

You must publish the money thing. But so concise, you said it much better than I, money buys things to make you happy!
True, so true. Happiness is having enough money to be happy.
Bother... now as usual I am confused.

Sachintha said...

What? 61???
Maann.... I don't have a single draft! I've been bloggin for like little over five months (I know it's a very small number compared to your time at SL blogsphere, but still...) and I have never drafted once.

My policy is I blog about something if I get inpired by something, if something interesting happens to me etc, but if the time goes by - whetehr because I'm busy or whatever else - that post will never come out. So... basically it's like "now or never" policy for me so far - after five months and close to 100 posts...

Maybe I'll change later...