Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lately In The Sri Lankan Blogosphere.....

The regulars have been quiet and the quiet ones have become regular.

Plenty of juicy posts, delightful nuggets of prose and paragraphs of love have been spurting our way in recent days. There's also been the usual batch of mediocrity, name calling and "ooh look how clever I am because I can insult you" type of stuff going around. Here, my blogospheric friends, are the ones that have caught my eye.

I'll leave it to you to decide which category to place them in, you're more than capable of that by now. Just be careful, this kind of power can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Remember Dinidu's religion posts?

The first blog I must, must, must mention is the Gypsy Girl's one. We know not who she is but she's given us a big clue by dropping the bombshell that she was in Hamlet at Elsie's Bar. It matters little though. She may be a thespian but I'm an open minded sort of fellow and what people choose to do behind closed doors is their business. As long as she continues to create posts like this one the rest of us will continue to hang on her every word. In fact I liked it so much I nominated it for Cerno's T100SLBPBP.

In an unusual situation I've reached a crisis of segue possibilities. My mindmap for this post shows clearly that I have the option of moving seamlessly into a bit about Cerno but also the bit about all the actors in that play and their posts.

I've decided to go with Cerno, for he is the master.

T100SLBPBP continues to move forwards though it's fair to say that interest looks to have tailed off slightly. Maybe that's because we all feel we've done as much trawling through the Sri Lankan blogs as we can stand, but Cerno's responded by introducing the concept of the best political post you have read into the melting pot. It's a great idea, the Sri Lankan blogosphere, which I think I'll start to call the Lankanosphere, is in itself a melting pot of a huge assortment of political posts, for all the obvious reasons.

I run the risk of death by metaphor and simile here but I'm going to dive in anyway and say that it's not just a huge melting pot of political posts but it's also one that's positively boiling over. Can a melting pot boil over? Probably if it contains some kind of unusual element, I'll ask K, she'll know.

Yes, going back I'm pleased with that "Lankanosphere" moniker. I might copyright it and make millions from other peoples' use of it in the future.

Over in the Divine world of the Lady there are qualifications, pats on the back, changes and surprises. The change refers to the icon, which has now become a sparkly and rather gleaming fresh looking young thing, just like Lady D herself! She has also passed her CIM exams. Passing her CIM does sound a bit like a painful medical procedure but I'm told by intelligent people that it's nothing of the sort and is all good.

It sounds all good for the good Lady D, yet she says she's missing something. I send my positive thoughts.

Oooohhh, the new stuff that has grabbed me goes a bit like this.

This guy, Nibras Bawa, who I think is fairly well known, has created ad industry shaped waves with some of his diatribes. His blog has the longest "introduction to myself" bit I've ever read and, though he may be very successful at what he does, he also appears to be his own biggest fan.

In a nice short period of time he's slagged off his own staff and his own industry. His coup de grace is this entirely homophobic post. Some of the points he makes may have some relevance, but, when they're made in a fog of homophobia and personal insults, it just makes him out to be a blinkered and prejudiced twat.

The thing about Mr Bawa, and I publish his name only because he does so himself freely, is that he writes well and loves his mum. To use the old cliche I would respectfully suggest that he considers more carefully who he shits on on the way up, he may need them on the way down. I sincerely hope that the guy is as good as he thinks he is.

Interesting blog though, check it out. After you do I also suggest you take a peek at what's going on in the world of ViceUnVersa. This post is a sparkling and heartfelt reply to someone who has laid into the Lankan ad industry and well worth a glance. There was also one of DD's crytic serial posts going on, all about red dots. I was totally lost until I saw the last post in the series, now I'm only half lost, or half full, depending on how you see the glass, you know, that one that could hold twice as much.

The luvvies are out in force like a pack of strange animals that have been released into the wild and are struggling with things.

After the success of Hamlet at Elsie's Bar they've bonded and are now missing each other. If you've ever been in a band or done anything that involves close and intense teamwork you'll understand. TMS' post here, giving her thoughts about everyone is touching and heartwarming, as is the Gypsy's one here. But they miss the point.

We, the readers want dirt. We want to read the blog post about the one member of the cast that everyone hated, the one who would have been bullied at school. We want to hear how he smelled a but funny and how he was a total tosspot. Oh yes, that's what we want.

And on the Darkside of things our Gehan has punched out a nice post about blogging relationships and how many members of the Lankanosphere know each other. I've met many of them, have made some good friends and find it a stimulating and fascinating experience. I'm continually puzzled by people who want to keep themsleves hidden, though I understand why people want to remain anonymous.

Well, if you've read this far you'll be pleased to know there are only a few more blogs to mention.

I don't know exactly why but I feel a slightly fatherly, or perhaps POUly need to give this new blogger a helping hand. She seems desperate to build up a readership and keen to move her blog onwards and upwards. There's a mix of interesting posts and slight blogstitution going on, and that's another new word I've come up with, how cool am I?

Blogstitution - When someone blogs about sex to get readership.

I like this little drawing thing and I read the post about doodling and the psychologist with interest. But, the "Do you masturbate?" post was a bit too contrived, even though I felt a need to throw my hand in.

I'll leave you with two pieces of brilliance. Dinidu has put out this poem, that he's going to read at tonight's open night thing. It's passionate, hard hitting and it's got rhyming lines. That's a poem I can understand. Over in the Big Apple T has written one of her beauties that speaks for itself.

Those are the just some of the things in the Lankanosphere that have captured my attention lately.

As usual there are a lot more good things that can be found on Kottu, but you knew that already, didn't you?


Lady divine said...

RD, that is so very thoughtful and awfully nice of you!!!! Thanks so much! Makes me want to give you a BIG HUG... so...for now, here's a virtual one *BIG MEGA HUG*.....

Anonymous said...

Don't ask me why but i get the distinct feeling that Gypsy and Pleasure Principle are the same writer. I maybe wrong. But the writing style is very much the same minus the sexual content of course. I have a very good feeling i'm right though.

ViceUnVersa said...

Hello You and Good Morn. Quick one before I set off for school run.
Thanks for the blog mention.
All is revealed. Despite the name 'BAWA', he has size issues in the downstairs department, the inadequacies come through in his writing. And no, he doesn't run a successful business, he just has grandiose dreams about it.
Motherland ad industry:
Where I am in life professionally and of course then it reflects on your personal life is because of the wonderful decade+ I spent in there in the thick of it. So it's always a pleasure. Like a Father who never allows others to insult his folk my feelings are the same. Although thank god I haven't fathered anyone through the industry.
Yes I think I have! :)

Gehan said...

thanks for the mention, and LOL @ ViceUnVersa... the post of his u mentioned was great, much respect to him! :)

as for gypsy, yep, one o my favs.. great writer... whether she was the infamous 'soixante neuf' or not doesn't change that...

cerno said...

Mucho grasias for the mentions. :) Its been a crazy week and if I had the time I'd type out all the usual excuses. Vut tu do no? No no?

On a slightly different note, I along with ALL the voices in my head have UNANIMOUSLY AGREED (I say this in call caps since it happens rarely) the frau Gypsy should be enthroned in your blog roll,

The Boffins at the Upcountry Mango cultivation research institute (Yala) have heavily researched conclusions that back up this claim. Tragically the only copy of their green paper as lost in a regrettable Trishaw incident (details classified under the humiliating secrets act 1986 until 3042).

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Lady D - why, thank you kindly

Cerno + Gehan - The Gypsy's now in the blogroll, so her readership will probably decline big time! We've lost DDM but he hasn't blogged for about 4 months so reckon he may be done.

Gypsy said...

Cerno you are AWESOME <- (Caps because all the voices in my head unanimously agree to this also).

Thanks :)

To Gehan too :)

And of course to R. I love that you've re-christened me Gypsy Girl. It's much, much better than Big Tooth :P

hijinx said...

*wonders if she should start - what's the verb? - 'blogstituting'...

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hijinx - think about it carefully before you jump in. The blogstitution road is fraught with sexual innuendo and dirty laughs.

hijinx said...


themissingsandwich said...

Ok so this is going to sound silly but there was a guy like that in the cast and most of our dressing room discussion were about him. If you read my blog you'll be able to figure out who it was. But none of that seemed to matter towards the end somehow. He he.

Anonymous said...

fatherly towards me? :)
Thanks RD....

I hope the masturbation post wasn't too artificial :( my apologies if it seemed to come across as blgstituation. It really wasn't meant to be.

Anyways, I'm really happy that you liked the posts on doodling.

Cheers, RD!