Saturday, March 14, 2009


From Singapore thanks again, I'm gobsmacked, overwhelmed and astounded. Dinidu, that is not the name of a posh British solicitors either.

But now the pressure's got to me. All this talk of daily dose of wit and what have you has taken its toll on my normally almost endless reserves of humour. I've got little to narrate to you that I can think of.

There are seeds of posts hopping around in my mind like rabbits, which is probably good. I went to a launch party for Asia Uncut, a new TV chat show last night, that was an experience and a half that I might regale you with at some time too.

In a minute I'm off to see that film, The Reader.The review said it's got an intricate plot, that it's so complicated that's it's beyond the average viewer.

They didn't even mention the below average viewer.

It's nerve wracking.

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Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Anon - Thank you for your interest and advice, I'll try to check out the links you gave. If you ever want to correspond directly please get in touch and I'll email.