Friday, March 20, 2009

A Little Property Update - Women Are Good

I haven't finished a post for you to read today. Please accept my humblest apologies as I type this one rapidly.

One of the reasons is that the property viewing continues with the pace of a random 12 year old child preparing a presentation about why she should get an increase in pocket money. This eats into my day, though I'm lucky that I can take time out from my work to incorporate these kind of things.

I've been contemplating putting up a Facebook status message, or whatever they're now called, saying something like "RD thinks all estate agents are tossers".

Why? Because until about ten minutes ago I really did think that. Dealing with them has jolted my mind into remembering everything that they fail to do. The average estate agent is to a good salesperson what a particularly bad tri shaw driver is to Lewis Hamilton. The basics of good salesmanship don't seem to apply to them, something that's particularly ironic considering property deals are usually the biggest thing going on in a person's life at the time.

We sail through our life not having to deal with EAs, then, when we do, they act like turds. So far I've had to deal with broken promises, outright lying and negotiation tactics Sittingnut would think were a bit strong.

What happened ten minutes ago RD? I hear you asking.

I spoke to a woman EA, not just a woman either, a divorced one, and she instantly seemed to understand my needs. She got it.

Straight away, after a brief chat, she knew what I wanted; somewhere I'd feel comfortable hanging around in, by myself and with the people in my life. She just seemed to know, in that very knowing woman's way. She talked about places having light and being bright in a way that male estate agents have made me believe they understand only to show me dingy and dark places that might be great for Norwegian fellows working as management consultants here for a year, but aren't for me.

I've now narrowed down my search criteria to one specific development, with another one that's in the frame but only partly, kind of in brackets.

This afternoon I'll be viewing three apartments with H, the woman EA. They're in the number one place and I feel very, very positive about things.

That's what's happening.

The FB status should say something about all male EAs being tossers, divorced female ones are brilliant. Hopefully.

Good weekend all.


Indyana said...

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Funny enough, until yesterday, I though recruiters were all tossers as well... Until I met one that like your divorced female EA, understood just what I wanted. It was a bloke though, so added element of personal interest like I'm sure you have with the divorced EA ;-)

Anyway, good luck, and hope you get a good deal on the new place.

- LankanFunkin

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "thoughT", not "though", and "so NO added element" instead of just "so added element".

Thats what I get for posting comments first thing after I wake up I guess...

- LankanFunkin

Serendib_Isle said...

“dingy and dark places that might be great for Norwegian fellows” and images of the Austrian Josef Fritzl and the basement of horror flashed before my eyes for a nanosecond.

Good luck house-hunting, and by the way, be careful of the charming H. ;)