Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cheap Blogging For Attention

Like many I read Kanabona fairly frequently. But this post smells of desperation. It tells us of a small asteroid that's going to "buzz Earth tonight" and all sounds quite interesting and worrying.

But, if you're the scientific and investigative type like myself and Darwin you may well have looked at the facts and questioned things a bit more deeply. The passage quoted tells us that this is only the second time an asteroid has passed so close to Earth, that the other "close call" was in March.

I was about to hide under my desk with a sandwich to avoid damage and hunger, then saw the small print.

Oh yeah Shehal, we're onto you over here at LLD.

85,000 km!!

It's hardly close is it.

I flew about 6000 miles yesterday and that took me about 13 hours.

These people. They'll write anything for cheap viewings sometimes!


Darwin said...

I read this in the morning. Unlike sensationalist claims predicting the end times, this post gives a fairly accurate summary of it all.

N B said...
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Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thank you Darwin, us scientific types must stick together!

Mr Bawa - I will check it out and comment, as soon as I've finished sharpening my new coloured pencils. I think there might be 2 Ls in "scientifically" by the way

Sigma Delta said...

Its relative is it not? On a cosmic scale 85K is probably a close call...

Kulendra said...

'Its relative is it not? On a cosmic scale 85K is probably a close call...'

Bingo :)