Monday, March 9, 2009

How To Understand People

This really amused me.

I was watching TV a couple of nights ago and before my eyes there flashed an advert for one of the Sunday newspapers. That in itself was quite normal for advert scheduling towards the end of the week.

Also, as is normal, the ad told us about the extra features and bits and pieces that would accompany this week's edition of the newspaper. One of these supplements was called "how to understand people". My calculated impression, after watching and listening, is that it's about how to understand people.

The funny bit?

Ah yes, the fact that it's serialised, over two issues of the paper! The "normal" Saturday one and then the Sunday one.

Now understanding people isn't easy, that much most would agree on. Those psychologists have spent and do spend years and lifetimes on the matter. If the little pamphlet was published over the course of a year I'd totally understand the idea. Such a detailed topic could take a long time to explain. If it was printed as a stand alone thing, in one issue, I'd also be fine with that. Then it would be a quick precis on the subject, maybe to get some thickos interested enough to explore it further.

But over two issues? It's as if they're saying that understanding people isn't easy, so we have to tell you about it in two parts.

I guess the only thing more complex and bewildering is how to understand women. Presumably that will be a three part booklet.

And yes, I'm savvy enough in marketing to know the true reason for the two parter.

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