Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Just Not Cricket

Like pretty much everyone I've watched, heard and read about the attack on the cricket team and I'm dismayed and saddened about it yet pleased that things weren't even worse.

The Sri Lankan cricket team is a phenomenon, possibly the only one, that has united Sri Lanka through the last twenty or thirty years. We all know that. When it comes to cricket, to supporting it, the people of Lanka are Lankans first. Whether Tamil, Sinhalese or drummers who have London accents and don't know a googly from google, everyone gets behind the team.

The Sri Lankan blogosphere has reflected that mentality. Posts about the incident are everywhere and the feelings are the same from all.

I'd like to add my thoughts, particularly to the one person who appears to believe this is the LTTE's work.

It's unlikely, almost impossible I would say. Status messages like this one on FB make me shake my head in despair, for many reasons.

"???? is shocked that the Sri Lankan team have been attacked by suspetced (sic) LTTE cadres. Now Murali must speak out."

And, on a lighter note, it's bloody hard to text the names of the players involved in this without having some kind of meltdown. Predictive text was never designed for Sri Lankan names was it?


Indyana said...

Very sad isn't it? I don't have the words to say what I feel.

And yeah, SL names are hard. When someone asked me the names of the players, I bloody well murdered them while saying them!

Confab said...

this was a shocking eye opener for everyone eh?
poor LTTE cadres. give them a break, they sure can use one.

hijinx said...

It was sad, but I couldn't stop a tiny part of my brain from wondering who was going to use the line "It's just not cricket"... and then I saw it here.