Sunday, March 22, 2009

Up Or Down - The Sunday Morning Dilemna

I bought myself one of these beauties yesterday and all with it is good and fetching, with one little exception.

Polo shirts, over here in the metropolis, are all the thing and have surged back into the fashion charts in the lat couple of years, with a couple of new touches. The first is the slim fit. No longer are they baggy and bulky and suitable for a man with a beer or rice belly to hide his wares in. No, slim is the thing, or fitted as it's called. The slender and muscular look is with us.

The second is the collar. You kids are wearing it folded up, pointing skywards, something I'm uncomfortable with. It's not been an issue for me on the two other new trendy ones I've bought recently, the collar's looked okay worn folded down, as a good shirt is meant to be used.

But, this new Superdry one has a collar that feels stiffened, it's evidently designed to be worn folded up. Worn in "normal" mode it looks and feels a bit clunky, it just doesn't feel quite right.

Worn up it looks right but feels wrong, as if I'm trying too hard to be cool.

Vut to dooo?

I'm going out in a minute too.


Gypsy said...

Hahaha, what a coincidence, I was talking about this with someone just this morning. It drives me crazy when men wear their collars up. Collars are meant to be worn DOWN. Whenever I'm around someone with their collars up, I can't resist turning them down.

But if it was made to be worn up like you said, then that would have been quite a dilemma. What'd you decide to do in the end?

Btw, the collar-issue aside, the shirt really IS quite fetching ;)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Well Gyppo that is a coincidence indeed. This short even has a log on the back of the neck that's only visible when the collar is up. For now I've gone for the collar down, but each trip to the bathroom sees me looking in the mirror with the collar up, getting that bit closer.

Anonymous said...

hey RD, how did the house hunting go? Or is that another post in itself? ;)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Anon - thanks for asking, there's lots to tell, but I'm waiting to hear back about an offer I made on a place on Fri, looking very good and promising.

kalusudda said...

Man, is it coincidence? My Sis picked me one of these, red as well! love it and I wear it collar up when my Mom is not around, every time she passes by she folds it! I roll my eyes up lift it up, again

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

KS - they are very nice aren't they. I think chaps like you can get away with the collar up style as you're about 90 years younger than myself. I've since done some ironing on the collar and it's looking a lot better folded down than it did before.

Nice to see you back and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Pictures indeed speak a 1000 words:

Please, don't pop your collar.

B said...

please dont wear shirts with the collar up: you'll look like a grade A cock.
In the US, the collar up look is directly associated with the obnoxious frat type. you dont sound like the obnoxious frat type

Ahamed Nizar said...

DOWN! up is so tacky.

Kalusudda said...

Yes, I really love them. Forgive me for disappearing. Was a bit busy!