Friday, March 6, 2009

Dinidu - Where Are You?

Mr De Alwis. Your blog's playing up and doing strange things.

Where are you?

Is everything alright?

We're all a bit worried.


Makuluwo said...

Yeah, weirdness. Maybe he's blogging under a pseudonym now...?

Anonymous said...

The sonofabitch is finally dead.

Acromantula said...

Maybe they finally "came" for

sittingnut said...

being an immodest "confrontational and insulting" sort of nut, i may be excused for speculating that he is finding it hard and embarrassing to have no reply to my comments yesterday.

those comments questioned his justification for making a highly insulting reference with link to my blog when i have never made any mention of him in my blog at all . never.ever.

in addition i also pointed out that the words he attributed to me show a total lack of understanding, since i have never used anything resembling those words on anybody (not even on indi) let alone poor mr what'shisname . very few sporadic references i have made in other places ( in his blog mainly ) are fully justified by what he said on whatever the subject was.

some ppl do sink to ground due to embarrassment, you know. lol@loser

Makuluwo said...

Or MAYbe this has nothing to do with you at all, sittingnut.
Self absorbed much? :P

Dinidu said...

I'm finding it hard and embarrassing to have no reply the comments by Stingingnuts. Shame on me.

New workplace. Not happy with own-name-blogging.

indi said...

I think he's going under another name, for whatever reasons.

Every blogger pretty much has the right to be anonymous if they want to. Some time's it's absolutely necessary.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Fair enough Dinidu. Best with the job then. Now we'll have to find another blog to appear in my blog roll.

Anonymous said...

All the best to you Dinidu ... hope we can find you again.