Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Drummer!

There's a new kid in town. Not just a music fan but a drummer too.

Welcome to the Lankanosphere Heshan. My name's RD and I'm a drummer too.

Good luck with your blog, I look forward to reading the drum bits and learning about your playing.

However, if I may be so bold as to offer you a little advice. No one in these parts is interested in drumming posts, except me. It's a bummer but the way it is.

Anyway good luck again, I'll be checking in regularly and hoping to learn from you.



Mr. Hachi Roku said...

Hey RD, thanks for not letting me know about this post in your blog. lol.. Thanks for introducing me to the rest.

Well you're not the 1st one to tell me but I always believed in my drumming to be something I cannot sell or forcefully teach so whoever wants will take it at their own pace. But to tell you the truth I've had quite a bit of people asking me how do you play this break and that fill in many songs, specially in metal songs obviously as my introduction to it was through metal, so I think there's quite a bit I know who'd benefit.

But yes, even most of the musicians I know don't listen to songs with an analytical mind.. For them its sufficient listening to the full song rather than the structure and make up of each individual riff, lead and lick.

For me, its all about realizing/figuring out the atomic parts that brings life to a song(also brings a song to life as well). Just the phenomenon of each individual instruments giving rise to a sound that creates a tune THAT inturn moves humans is fascinating enough for me.

I hope I make sense mate.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Mr HR - Yes, you totally make sense. I think your approach is different to mine as I tend to try to concentrate on the "feel" of toe sum of the parts, then break down the drum part to make sense of it, usually failing to copy it too!

Looking forward to reading more in your blog.

Electra said...

Yeah, but, he has a picture of Taylor Swift up on a post?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Electra - You raise a valid point. It's a breach of etiquette but, after careful study of the terms and conditions, I'm afraid to say that he's perfectly entitled to do this and remain on Kottu.

I can only shake my head in despair!

PS - did you get my email?

Mr. Hachi Roku said...

Well now there was a purpose or ulterior motive for that taylor swift pic. I like I mentioned and typed out an entire article on not being biased towards a genre was the main point of having that album cover in that.
I like some of her songs and I don't and won't be afraid to say I do hence the reason for me to be a bit of a outcast from the rest of my musician friends but I still stick to it as it works for me.

Unless you have a different reason for this comment :) ?

Electra said...

I have no bias against any particular genres of music, only against talentless hacks, be they in any genre.

Mr. Hachi Roku said...

sure mate. fair enough. An opinion of one side will always meet another on the other side.