Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Beauty Of The Lankanosphere

I've learned many a fact and a bountiful treasure chest of information from the little section of the internet that is the Sri Lankan blogosphere.

There's not much better an example than this one. I asked a question here, as you know my thirst for academic knowledge is second only to my thirst for Elephant House Cream Soda. Yes, that's Elephant House Cream Soda, just Google it if you want to know more.

And before I could say "Papa's got a brand new manbag" Cerno gives a full and detailed answer and explanation.

I'm grateful to the Right Honourable chap for the research and time he's put into the answer. It makes me proud to feel a part of our little community, and let's face it, most of us are Sri Lankan and therefore quite little.

I've also noticed that he's got two labels for humour, one "humour", in the Queen's English as it should be, one "humor" as the Obamesians would say. Crafty and clever stuff. He learned this stuff in a Dutch brothel I hear.


Kalusudda said...

Yes I enjoyed your conversation with Cerno but I am left thirsty as I sprayed my coffee all over after reading the answer!

elephant house fan said...

I think, IMHO, that Apple Soda outsells everything now... pretty nice drink too... :)

Sean said...

Ah... went away for the weekend and unfortunately missed the whole wheel/axle discussion.

Seems to be settled now... but then again, even a couple of wheels and an axle are of little use without a cart and a yoke of some sort.