Friday, April 17, 2009

The Power You're Supplying, It's Electrafying!

It may only be a quick burst but I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am that Electra has come out with two posts in quick succession.

If you're a newish person around the Lankanosphere then you may not know of Portrait, Electra's blog. Well, I'm not new and I do know about it. It was one of the very first Sri Lankan blogs that caught my attention, along with Indi's and a few others, it was one of the ones I'd read on a daily basis as I cogitated on the vague idea of doing some kind of blog myself.

I reckon most people know Electra, I've met her a few times and she's a confident sort of girl, one of those ones that scare me a little bit, well, like most women actually. This year at the GLF I was taken aback by the way she stood up in front of audiences and calmly and surely introduced participants, workshops and events.

I'm not a confident public speaker and have much admiration for fellows who can do it with aplomb, Electra, at the tender age of about RD/2 minus some more, with the RD/2 bit being in brackets, seems to take it in her stride.

Portrait is a lesson to bloggers in how to write good things, things that might just change minds, opinions and actions. There are music bits, good bits, bad bits and even the occasional girly lovey type of thing. I've often disagreed with the things she's written but I'm almost always inspired to think. There's poetry too, but it can be excused as everything else is so good!

In recent months her posts have become somewhat sporadic and I've missed them. I'm hoping that, by writing this post, she'll realise how much she's missed and get back to more regular blogging. Two posts in two days might indicate a new start, a new whatsername thing.

If you are a newishbie to blogging then take it from me, check out the archives in Portrait and pick up tips on how to write a good blog. Then just do it, it's as simple as that.

"Just do it" - Hmmm, that would make a good slogan for a sportswear company wouldn't it. I can't believe no one's thought of it.

So Electra, from a not so mystery fan, please come back and write more.

Have a nice weekend all.


Electra said...

RD: Thanks for the support! I know I haven't been blogging as much as I used to. This is because of a whole bunch of reasons. One is that I no longer think of blogging as putting down all my most random and useless thoughts. My idea of blogging, at least for myself, has evolved into (attempting to, at least) putting down well thought-out, carefully phrased thoughts. So this takes some time. And not everything I want to say is always well thought out and carefully phrased, so I wait for it to be. I don't want to just be ranting and raving and going off my rocker.

Secondly, I kind of lost my faith in it. I began to feel as though there was no 'point'. I am slowly regaining my faith, you will be glad to hear. I am remembering why I used to love it.

Thirdly, I kind of got sick of people talking shit about my mother no matter what I said! I've taken it for a long time and been above it, but there were some comments some months ago that were really just too much. But I've gotten over that, too.

So all in all, it's looking up.

Thanks again, and your blog continues to make me laugh. That's a real compliment.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thank you Electra.

Anonymous said...

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