Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Avurudu, Poya, Easter And Holidays

I'm trying to maintain a dignified silence, but I wish all of you a joyous few days.

And thank you.

Big Time.

All of you. Every single one.

RD, RJ and Girl RD


ViceUnVersa said...

Happy avurudu to you and the family RD. Running in between meetings, Cherry Blossom festivals, Museums and more meetings. Couldn't help notice all the 'noise' in the kottu blogsphere.
You take it easy and enjoy the days off for Easter.
My thoughts are with you.
And good morning RD!

Sachintha said...

Don't tell me you're leaving big time!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you as well RD!! We all love you and how wonderfully you conduct yourself..even in the midst of all this nonsense! TC!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...


Sach - Nope

Anon - Thank you very much, much appreciated.

Chavie said...

RD I don't think I've left a message before. But I've read your blog for a while and you've always been a true gentleman, someone younger folks like I can look up to. The way you took NB's whole fiasco (if that's the right word) made my respect for you grow even more. Thank you for being you RD, and enjoy the holidays!

- Chavie

Kalusudda said...

Happy Sri Lankan New Year to you too RD! You ARE dignified, even when you fart, keep the chin up!

tinker said...

onwards and upwards love...keep the posts coming ..and let no idiot come between!
have a good one..the new year, i meant!hehe!

DeeCee said...

Happy hols :)

Sean said...

Nice job staying cool (as always)...

Jane Doe said...

Have a good one RD.

and RESPECT. definitely.