Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photo Of The Moment

I don't like to say nice things about the lad, but he's done well with this one. He's out and about poking his lens into everyone's nether regions at the moment and this is one of my new favourites.

My well worn theory about what makes a good photograph came into play here. At first glance I didn't consciously think about sutter speed, aperture or composition, no, I just looked at it and felt that excited feeling in my stomach.

To some it might look like just a blur. To me it's a wonderful split second capture that says colour, dance, movement and Sri Lanka.

Nice one Dinidu.


Ineshka said...

felt the same way!! something at the pit of stomache churns (especially if you are not in SL) :) SRI LANKA!!! :))) thanks for posting this, lovely picture :))

Kalusudda said...

I commented on D's blog about this photo. It reminded me how those dancers do the same stuff that figure skating people do, spin without getting sick! Yes it is a good photo!

Dinidu said...

Thanks you Mr. Drummer. :) I'm touched.