Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Come Sit With Me

The unpacking's done and the purchasing is beginning.

This is bad news for the RD economy but seriously good news for any shop within a certain radius of RD Towers.

Minimal is the word. Classy, stylish and tasteful are some more words and they're ones I'm trying to keep at the forefront of my mind. This is a hard task, as it seems right now that all my thoughts are jostling for position at the front of my mind. Do you ever get that? Prioritising's all well and good, just not when everything's in at number one.

With a relatively small living room I'm doing all I can to make good use of the space, particularly as the electronic drums are essential but not exactly great in terms of the whole space saving concept. If I was a singer things would be much easier, though I'd have my ego to carry around and singer's egos are always a big issue.

And, for maybe the first time ever, I'm pleased, I mean really pleased, that I'm about three feet shorter than the average Sri Lankan male, so short that I don't get any bigger as I walk towards you. Why? I hear you asking.

Because over here settees can be bought in several sizes. There are three seater and sometimes four seater ones, two seater and then "compact" two seaters. These compact ones, well you can probably figure it out but I'll explain anyway, are smaller than the regular two seaters but will still take two people.

An average sized Sudda would struggle to sit on one, let alone lie horizontally with a stomach full of rice and curry and watch TV while falling asleep. Things for me are different. I can lie on one and there's enough space between my feet and the arm of the settee for Duplication Road to sidle in comfortably, I can sit on one without that feeling of floating in a sea of sofa that is so common for me on other ones.

If you'd walked through the furniture department of John Lewis yesterday you may have seen a good looking bloke lounging on one of these compact two seater settees with a smug and content look on his face. That fellow was me. I was having an epiphany, even though it was Easter Monday.

I was excitedly realising that a compact two seater might be the way forward, that it could be the answer to many of my questions. The thing is that I don't expect to be entertaining many people that often. There'll of course be C when she's over here and the girls on Wednesdays and alternate Fridays, but that's pretty much it.

The odd friend here and there and of course my Mum about three times a day but that's about it. The thing about post divorce life is that the dinner party circuit dries up and socialising becomes something that's done more out than in. It's also a symptom of kids getting older too, even though they're not with me.

All this rambling is just to try to explain my dilemna; that I need seating for the rare influxes of people, but mostly I need just enough for me. I must add here, isn't spellchecking mad? I just ran one as I wasn't sure if the word "influxes" is a real one. According to blogger's spellcheck thing "influxes" is fine, but "seater" doesn't exist. Well Mr Blogger Spellcheck, how come I was sitting on a two seater then?

So there I was, sitting on the compact two seater and feeling epiphenous (I'm pretty sure that word really doesn't exist), and I realised that I might be bold and courageous and buy it.

It was RED!

I should really say it IS RED.

My thinking is that a red settee would be modern, in that specific design at least, it would be bright and, most importantly, it would match the new mega expensive oven glove. The compact element means that I can fit in two trendy single seater chairs as well, probably in man's black leather, with a trendy and minimalist style.

I didn't buy the red settee there and then but the more I think about it, the more I look at the brochure and the more I look around, the more I know that I almost definitely will.

I sat in one of my three local pubs last night, sipping a rather decent pint of Asahi lager and read my copy of Good Housekeeping. There was a group of merry, bordering on seriously drunk, people next to me so I hid the magazine in a copy of the Gay Times to avoid embarassment. This furnishing business is quite an art really.

I could get into it.

Must go, there's a bookcase I need to look at.


Gypsy said...

Mm. Red sofa. Sorry. Two seater. Score.

Ps, how short ARE you???!!?!?!?!

Kalusudda said...

Hi RD, Congrats on furnishing the house err the RD Towers! I escaped all those deeds of furnishing my house as being the youngest one, inherit love and furniture, in a big family. Thanks to my Mom controlling it, now my house looks like Japanese Lankan Californian house! You walk from one room to the other and you transformed from Samurai era to Barefoot comfort, only to end up in old Californian Bathrooms which are usually bigger than some of the houses in SL. I think (yeah) I have a good control of my life, except the house, in that case women control from door mat (Big SL Coconut brush like Mat) to kitchen cupboards!.
But Red? Alright It is your Tower!

Anonymous said...

Who is C?
Why not a nice sleek black leather sofa with a nice white/red lamp?

Passionatelypatient said...

All the best with the shopping RD.. I was imagining the RED sofa in my mind : )

themissingsandwich said...

Hey RD! Hope you had yourself a good easter/new year despite the lack of holidays on your end. Was just reading up on all the posts of yours I missed over the last few days. Must say that RD towers are looking damn fine. I'm house hunting myself these days. Will be taking tips from you once I find the place. :)

Scrumpulicious said...

Red sofas are amazing. They are so in tune with minimalistic chic I think. I've seen a fair few that I think are awesome! Let me decorate RD Towers?! :)

Bimal said...

How did Gay Times go down with the merry/drunk mob at the pub?

Brightly coloured (yes, I spell "Colour" with a "U" Mister Blogger Spellcheck) furniture; that'll certainly give that 'hip' touch.

BTW, do you have any lava lamps?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Gyppo - It'll be fine, you'll see!

KS - Yes, but I've veered away from the parental, or mother's influence here. You know what they can be like.

Anon - Well, black leather is probably going to be the choice for the other chair I'll buy. C is well, the GF.

PP - thank you, it's fun but expensive.

TMS - Thanks, I'll be happy to help. We did have a four day break here, but most of that was moving and unpacking for me. Still relaxing in a way though.

Scrump - Yes, I think the choice will be brave but possibly good.

Bimal - The magazine thing was close, at one point one of the blokes seemed as if he'd spotted the Furnishing mag underneath the Gay Times, but it was a false alarm and all was ok.

No lava lamp yet, but there's something in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

Oh soooo mundane !!!

You are such an Ellen De Generes.

Serioulsy dude.

Happy easter and hope you crucified a few bunnies.

Strange these traditions are.

ViceUnVersa said...

Look forward to pix of sofa. Rather daring red darling! What did C, K & A have to say? Good to have a feminine opinion no?
Loved the lounging chair!

T said...

buuuut, if you buy a red sofa, everything else will have to revolve around that. are you ready for that?!

Anonymous said...

have you seen this ? country manager at Dilmah ,USA now lives your dream ?