Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank You

I'm kind of running out of ways to say this but thank you again.

Recent events have surprised and amazed me and the emails, the posts, the comments have been a shock, mostly pleasant and some not so pleasant. But that's okay too.

I'm proud to be a member of the Lankanosphere, the Sri Lankan blogosphere, the Kottu community.

You know what as well?

I'm genuinely sorry if I've offended anyone. That doesn't mean I understand why they're offended, but offence has never been my aim.

Normal service will continue, I'm not going anywhere okay.



Sabby said...

Awwww RD, we loves you! =)

Kalusudda said...

You the Man my man! and you are welcome! ;)

Ahamed Nizar said...

RD chill man. he's just jealous that your blog is number one on kottu. he just wants some of the limelight. let him have it for this. then lets just all watch him fade away like MoB. who i must say was quite entertaining.

Anonymous said...


Since you've got some time now during hols would it be too much of an expectation to see some before pictures of RD towers ?

Four things carrots, eggs and coffee,cinnamon in hot water has three entirely different reactions. Carrots go in hard and come out soft, eggs on in soft and come out hard.

Coffee and cinnamon are the clever ones. Stays the same but changes everything else.

You have remained coffee during all this. Set some fine examples remarkable restraint and patience. Came in a gentleman and stayed on the same.

Like cinnamon you have brought out the best in others. You have given them a chance to be true to themselves. People have shown the true flavors of friendship and sincerity .

Do have great hols but lets get on with those detailed posts, shall we ?

Remember coffee and cinnamon. Exchanged in place of currency, stays great all time and everyone loves both. The other great thing is they are also very capable of dealing with unpalatable flavors. The kind that leave a bad taste in our tounges.

By the way moi is no blogger, groupie,gay lover nor gusher, so I will let you decide what you want to display of this post as I meant this for you,personally.

Coffee and Cinnamon :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Ahamed - I'm chilled like Java!

Anon- I've published the whole thing as it's such a nice metaphor, thanks very much indeed.

surani said...

Hey RD. The recent events and the way you took it has only served to increase my respect for you. It really shows what a gentleman you are.

Passionatelypatient said...

You truly are a gentleman as Surani said. Hatos off to you on how you responded in the face of the NB attack