Friday, April 24, 2009

Meanwhile Somewhere Else

RD Towers is shaping up nicely.

Things on the morning of day 18 look a bit like this, well exactly like this:

The new chair is in dark brown, though it may look like black in the picture. It's so comfortable that it makes the planter's chair feel old and clumpy. I'll say that quietly as I'm sitting on the planter's chair as I type this and don't want to hurt its feelings.

The new light, that table, the bookcase (which expands) and the chair are my new sexy objects of desire, even better than the moving tag cloud I think.

All in all I'm feeling rather pleased with the way things are going. The planter's chair's just in the sitting room temporarily until the new red settee arrives, yes, I bought it. The nice TV unit, made of glass and stainless steel so it doesn't make the room look smaller, should be here early next week.

Then I'll tidy up all the cables, as it's important, according to the magazines I read these days, to declutter as much as possible so that the clean modern lines are preserved.

Once all is done I'll be left with one burning issue; do I get a rug for under the coffee table or not?


surani said...

Luuuuuurve the new light and the chair.

ViceUnVersa said...

Hey be careful. Our fellow bloggers will hire private detectives, bribe the MI5 and have the photo blown up just to unveil to us what type of book reader you are.
BTW: Coincidentally just finished White Tiger. Loved the book.
I am back BTW.

Charm Bracelet said...

Nice RD. love the simple but macho classy effect uv gone for :)

The red settee against the amber-ish lighting will look sexaaay!

Dinidu said...

Quite posh, I see.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Surani - Thank you, I'm a fan of them too.

DD - Yes, I'm still trying to figure out if I loved or hated the book, which probably means I didn't love it.

CB - Thanks, it's definitely minimal, hopefully classy. The most important thing is to make it a place I want to chill in.

gutterflower said...

Ooh. Nice.

I heart the chair and the little tuk-tuks lined up on the book case.

A painting or two perhaps? Not necessarily in the same area, but somewhere else in the pad maybe.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Gutterflower - Yes, I have to think carefully about putting stuff up on the walls as I'll have to "make good" the walls when I leave here, hence the sunset pic on the bookcase. I may investigate some local art next time I'm in the motherland.

Anonymous said...

The chair is Smexy, the light is smexy, the coffee table is smexy. :D love the ambiance you've managed to create :)

Indyana said...

Well,that's simply fabulous!

Makuluwo said...

Such funkyness. LOVE the chair!

Lady divine said...

this looks lovely... and I would go for a rug..:)

Spice said...

Nice. was waiting to see how it turned out.
I wouldn't go for a rug, unless it's somewhat large - i.e. will come under the sexy chair as well.
ps-I hope u wont get any backpains :P

Kalusudda said...

Nice! Becoming a cool pad! Glad for you RD!
But Red? and so many Ken Follett? Spy! No Just pretending!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Well i've decided to wait until the settee comes until I decide on the rug.

Spice - I don't think I'll get any backpains as the chair is amazingly comfortable, thanks for the concern though!

KS - Only 2 Ken Folletts, they're his 2 old historical novels, totally rivetting and I'd recommend them thoroughly