Tuesday, March 20, 2007


My favourite junction.

I can't explain it, but something about Colombo has captured me.

The look, the feel, the musky smell, the slightly almondy taste, the sound of its mind ticking over.

It's fraught with danger and uncertainty but there's a feeling of promise too, of warmth and comfort, of intense excitement and thrilling adventure, of great times ahead, of anything can happen and it probably will.

The best thing?

Easy. It's filled with laughter and energy.

And I think I might be getting poetic.

Oh bollocks!

1 comment:

cerno said...

You were careening towards the poetic but captured a sniff of something familiar. But it was the bollocks (the expression not the anatomy) that saved you.

Just hope the almondy taste isn't of the bitter almond variety.

Forgot that the Elasto sign is still there. Another icon is the dispensary across the street from it with the large coloured bottles. Dark blue walls, grey and black fake marble tiles. Think it is still there but I'm too busy trying not to get killed to notice when I drive by.

Don't have a particularly favourite junction. Though Thimbirigasyaya
rates high on the memorometer.