Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday Night, Dressed to kill

Not really.

Just 5.10 in West London.

I've got pangs for this time last week and I've got some songs to learn for an audition:

Vertigo / U2
Do You Want To / Franz Ferdinand
Brown Sugar / Stones
Rock and Roll Star / Oasis

Nothing too complex but another little covers band that might keep me interested and just might want me. I like the auditioning thing, it's challenging and keeps things a little bit competitive. I've got to a stage where I think I can keep my attitude positive whether I get the job or not. There's always something to learn if I don't get it and it's often just as much about personality as it is about ability.

The week was one of being thrown back in at the deep end. Hence the lack of posts and the lack of emails to so many people who should have got one.

Now, I need a holiday.

Have a good weekend all!

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