Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wow - A Birthday

So, I was looking through my archives the other day and noticed that London, Lanka and drums is one year old. This is a surprise.

The year has gone so quickly, yet in other ways it's taken a while. It's a bit of a milestone, but no big deal. The big deal is the list of things I've learned since I started this blog. Some are things I've learned directly through blogging, some are random things I've learned through other means. They're all good:

1. Not all bloggers are geeks, just most.

2. Everyone can have an opinion, that's cool but it can always be presented without being rude.

3. You're never too old to make new friends.

4. If you worry too much about comments, readers' opinions and that sort of stuff, then you won't write anything interesting.

5. If you don't worry enough about comments, readers' opinions and that sort of stuff, then you won't have any readers.

6. I never put a lot of thought into it but "London, Lanka and drums" is probably the perfect phrase to summarise me.

7. This writing thing is quite hard. The easiest way to approach it is to just jot down thoughts, then rearrange into a sentence. My admiration for proper writers increases on a daily basis.

8. People think they know you from the stuff you blog about.

9. If fear is the only thing holding you back from doing something, then you should do it. Or "What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

10. Plan for tomorrow, enjoy today. Go with the flow.

Thanks All!


Java Jones said...

Congratchulashuns bro - keep goin wit dat flo

N said...

Happy Blogoversary (credit Darwin)...excellent stuff mate...keep up the humour.

Who thought you could make friends off blogging eh?

Indyana said...

Happy dappy birthaday!!! Hope you keep up the great work !

Darwin said...

Happy Blogoversary:)

drac said...

happy er.. blogoversary :)

did you keep changing the colours for the week leading up to the anniversary or what? I see a new scheme every time I visit :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks all!

Drac - No, that hadn't been the intention, I just keep messing around trying to find something that I like that also doesn't require the viewer to wear sunglasses to read comfortably.

sach said...

I LOVE birhdays and it didn't occur to me until I saw that my blog also has a birthday. Another reason to celebrate. Well this particular blog of mine will turn one in May but I'm going to count it in dog years because it feels as if I've been writing in it for much longer than one year. And maybe I should have death anniversaries for the previous blogs of mine which have died but then again that is not much cause for celebration is it?

It's your blog's b'day and here I am rambling about mine. happy blogoversary R. Let us know how the party went ;)

the1truecoolguy said...

Congrats RD! Keep up the awesome blogging!! :)

Anonymous said...

glad u started blogging :)


SpectralCentroid said...

Happy happy. Good shit.