Friday, March 16, 2007

My Big Announcement!

Sometimes it's best to get these things off your chest. I'll tell you this as I announced it to my bandmates the other evening at a rehearsal.

We had set up, we were ready to do our thing. We had some new songs to work on and also wanted to run through a couple of old ones. We're a funk band, you may know that much. We're all quite into our music and take it seriously, but in a fun way. They are also now pretty good friends of mine, so I felt that they should be among the first to know.

I stood up from my drum stool, something that usually isn't noticed as I'm quite short.

"Guys" I said, as Debby, the female singer wasn't there.

"I've got something I need to tell you".

I knew that this was a brave thing, that my fellow bandmembers may even decide, after hearing the news, that they would be better off with a different drummer. I also knew that it was only right to tell them, that they'd probably back me through what would be a painful time.

I had their attention. There were some wisecracks about the possibility of me "coming out" at last and the like but one of my looks soon made them realise I was serious here, I wasn't messing about. If only the look would work on the girls I'd be laughing.

"I thought about whether I should tell you this but it's only fair and right that you should know. I'll understand if you want to get a new drummer, if you feel that you need someone more committed, but you need to know"

"What?" they said in unison. It is surprising how that's the first time that we've ever done anything in unison, being a band and all.

"Errm, well it's like this" I felt a bit sheepish.

"Earlier today"

"Yes" they said, although this time the brass section came in exactly three beats too late and the guitarist was too loud.

"I'm afraid I bought the latest album by Take That".

No one said anything, but there was horror on their faces and shock in their eyes. I suppose they must have hoped that I was going to say I was only joking or that I bought it as a present for a friend, obviously not a close friend, more an acquaintance, or a girl.

"And I like it, and I've been listening to it" I said, in my flow now. I felt liberated and energised, like Emily Pankhurst in a battery factory, which rhymes.

They exchanged glances shiftily. There was an uncomfortable silence. I apologised again, for my actions, but I didn't mean it.

You see it's actually a really good album. In a pure pop songs written well and performed by some brilliant musicians way. It's a lesson in songwriting and a masterclass in playing for the song. Singing isn't one of my skills but, if it were, then this album would be a bible in harmonies for me too.

They let me off with a warning, after we had a discussion on whether "Shine" sounds like the Beatles. Personally I think not but I think it sounds like a sixties type of production.

I've been listening to it solidly, but I must tell you one thing. When I arrived at the rehearsal studio and pulled into the car park I immediately and instinctively turned the volume down. I didn't want any musos there to find out my secret.

Please keep it to yourself!


Indyana said...

I really don't know what to say when I read your posts sometimes.I'm afraid to sound repetitive,but, y'know, you really crack me up,everytime and almost every post!

Anonymous said...

Gary Barlow is teh win! I'm glad someone else recognizes the genius.

Anonymous commenting. Isn't it convenient?

Darwin said...

I used to like them before they split up and I still like them. Not in a weird obsessive way like how I like Bush or the Counting Crows, but they're very listnable. They're good pop music, if there is such a thing.