Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Searching, looking for......??

Every once in a while I take a look at the search statisitcs for my blog; the words and phrase that some people have googled or maybe even used a different search engine to get to London, Lanka and drums.

It always throws up some hilarious thoughts in my head. I extrapolate their search words and try to think of exactly why someone might need, or want, to know about these things. Usually I don't know why people have ended up here on London, Lanka and drums but here are some of my recent favourites:

"Fuckmesilly" - Just strikes me as a strange phrase. Good, strange and a bit comedic.

"shit floats to the top" - Was this a plumber looking for the solution to a drainage problem?

"clippered ladies" - A strange fetish, someone looking for skinhead girls perhaps.

"London Man run down by steamroller" - OK, anyone who didn't think of a cartoon flattened man as he got stuck to the large wheel of a steamroller is just not normal, or as childish as me. But, how the hell could anyone really get run over by a steamroller, why would someone search for the phrase and what on earth brought them to my blog?

"Lankan Aunty hot" - The mind boggles!! This brought back memories of an old Aunty, only my brother will know who this is. She was very attractive in her day and a bit of a flirt. I must add that she was a Sri Lankan Aunty, not a real relative. Whenever she would kiss a young lad, she would always make it a lip to lip kiss, which none of us minded. There was always a competition between myself and my brothers and a friend of ours to see who would be the first one to be able to "get a bit of tongue". There was never a declared winner, I'm not sure that any of the participants achieved the objective, but it wasn't me for sure.

"What's the best Canon lens for Friday night football" - I laughed as I wondered why just Friday. Would brilliant sports photographers have a different lens for each night of the week?

"Sri Lankan sexy girls and aunties" - It still boggles!

"Shrinks you said Jade Goody to be locked away 6 months" - ??

"BMW does not start after standing in the sun" - I have spent many minutes chuckling over this. You see it was done by someone in Zambia. My mind, which often goes off on tangents and then some, couldn't help itself here. I pictured a puzzled Zambian bloke staring at a melted BMW after he had left it in the sun for too long. It still brings a smile to my face.

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Anonymous said...

Fuckmesilly sounds like a sexually transmitted disease.

While "shit floats to the top" Is a management lesson on the top management.