Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Magic moments

I was chatting with one of my business partners the other Monday. You may remember him from previous posts.

He's a salt of the earth English bloke, from a working class background. A "gift of the gab" bloke loved by ladies and adored by his friends. I've known him for about 20 years and during that time we've done just about everything together that normal alpha males do. From playing in the same football team to catching a credit card fraudster to starting a Company, we've done the lot.

As our Company has grown our relationship has developed in such a way that we don't often see each other socially, yet we're both comfortable with that. We spend a shitload of time together during the working day and have our own lives outside that. Rather like one of those long lasting and well worn in marriages we often turn to each other in times of need and will pretty much do anything for the other.

He's the sort of chap that, if I were on my deathbed, I'd ask through the mist of my teary eyes to look after my family after I'd gone. I would pass away peacefully knowing that they would be well cared for in every way.

On the other hand I could lend him vast amounts of money and know, with immense confidence, that I'd never see it again. Not because of dishonesty, just because he'd forget he owed to me or lose it on a horse or something.

So he was telling me about his weekend, how the party went and how he got very drunk very quickly. He's a seasoned hardened drinker so it's unusual for him to get very drunk quickly, although it's entirely usual for him to get very drunk.

"It was great thanks Rhythmic. One of the neighbours came and we got pissed really quickly. I think it was because he brought a nice bottle of RSVP and we steamed into it."

"Gaz" I said.

"Yep" he replied.

"You mean VSOP don't you? RSVP is what people put on invitations."

"Yeah, yeah, that's the stuff."

And then we carried on running our Company.


Darwin said...

Another sri-lankanism for you; things like that are known as a 'card'. A very funny card in your case:)

the1truecoolguy said...

Darwin - Things like what are known as "card"? Funny situations or? Sadly the fact that I'm not a "real" Sri Lankan keeps coming out! LOL LOL

Dominic Sansoni said...

I'd like to spend an evening drinking VSOA with Gaz.