Monday, March 26, 2007

Sarongs - How Do You Wear Yours?

I don't have vast experience of sleeping with men. So, my recent flippant comment about the fact that I always wake in the morning with my sarong wrapped around my ears, or anywhere except in its correct place has sparked a bit of discussion.

Child of 25 said that it's quite usual. Someone else said that she's never heard of another man that this happens to and I'm now left bewildered and flummoxed.

Here's my story; I go to bed, sarong clad, looking sexy. Like all men the first thing I do after getting into the bed is to adjust my balls and fart, then I untie my sarong and let it drift. I never, ever sleep with my sarong actually tied around my waist, it's uncomfortable and unpleasant.

During the night the Rhythmic sarong floats around the bed, I know not what it does, but I'm sure it has a life of its own. Well, I suppose I know it floats around the bed but other than that I'm lost. When I wake it can be anywhere in the Greater London area. Often I find it in some far corner of the bed or tucked away under a pillow. But usually it's wrapped around the upper regions of my body.

I had always thought that this was normal but now I'm not so sure. I'm wondering if other chaps sleep with the sarong tied so that it stays put, for them to wake up with the cloth in perfect position.

Sarong wearing at night men of the world tell me please.

How do you wear yours?


Anonymous said...

Hey Rhythmic sarong

I can give you a solution provided if I can sleep one night with you...I need to study the way you sleep.

confab said...

haha..this is hilarious!
this is the very reason i trust nothing but a pair of boxers for the night shift.

i once had to witness the disturbing image of a cousin's black, hairy, revolting arse first thing in the morning for his sarong was, like yours, around his ears. i thought to my self at the tender age of 12 "i'm not gonna let this happen to me".

Anandawardhana said...

This is the post of the month! :-D

You got to tie it up! But for someone like you, with a sarong with a life of it's own, I recommend wearing a belt.

Or, if I get more philosophical, not wearing anything at all might give you better relief; Because nothing will be changed in the morning, you wake up as the same person who went to bed previous night. Nothing will be lost ;-)

P.S >>

Oh you shouldn't let that Anonymous person to sleep with you. If you're going to get his/her advise just give a video tape or a CD of you sleeping.

ddm said...

the key is a good covering sheet, it's far more secure than the average sarong and therefore effectively covers up any unwanted exposure early in the morning. My sarong usually stays put now, i do tie it loosely though. I used to think i have some guardian angel who protects my dignity by adjusting the sarong before i wake up, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

S said...

My dad and brother are both like you - guys with a wandering sarong!

Anonymous said...

darling i did sleep with you.. and i didnt notice anything riding up...

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Anonymous - I will consider your kind offer. I always like to help out people, just send me a photo and you shall have my answer!

Anandawardhana - A Belt?? There could be some serious injury - no way!

ddm - I find the sheets go wandering all around as well though.

anonymous - you'll have to give me more of a clue to your identity. Or were you just dreaming of sleeping with me?

Lady divine said...

i really don't know what to say abt it... but i think some loosen it when they go to sleep..and some others actually keep it tied tight...u should ask the men and see...:-)

Indyana said...

As this is addressed to sarong wearing men... I refuse to comment. But, if you had asked the general public,I could have told you to tie it up.But, then that would've been
nosy right?

Anonymous said...

I disagree. A tied sarong while sleeping , is the second most annoying thing , to a snoring wife (let me be politically correct- Girl/ Boy friend, partner...etc etc).