Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Best Blogs Around

Hello, and welcome to Sunday.

I don't know how many of you use blogger as your host thing, or whatever the term is for your blog, but I'm one of them. There was no valid reason for my choice other than the fact that it was the first one I came across when I started to experiment with the whole idea of writing a blog.

Blogger seems to cover most of the things I need for my pretty simple online perusings. My requirements are probably erring on the basic side; something that can look fairly nice and I can use easily without having to be a technogeek. I don't understand RSS feeds and all those concepts but have been trying to learn about them and make use of them recently, which may offer you a bit of an explanation for the strange icons that have popped up on LLD in recent days.

The other day I logged into my blog to see those nice people from blogger plugging a new feature. A list sort of thing for other blogs and links by which you can make it all look nice and flashy, with the option of a preview of the first few lines of each link and all sorts of other smart looking things. It looked the part and appeared ideal as a newer and better version of the plain old links to other blogs section that we all have and love.

I had a peek at the tutorial thing about how to use it and whacked it in place. I checked all was working and, on finding that it was, promptly deleted the old box of links to the blogs that make me smile. For the rest of my working day, every time I glanced at my blog, all looked good. This was on a PC.

Then, when I got home, I had a glance at my blog on the MacBook, via Firefox. There was no pretty box of links, there was no box at all, just a title saying "The best blogs around". This puzzled me and I checked the workings behind the blog to see that all should have still been there. Then, when I went back to look at my blog, I had my list but not in the order that it should have been. Each line showed only the title of the blog, no bit showing when each blog was last updated, no title of the last post as advertised.

When I clicked on a link it took me to a view in some sort of reader. Very confusing, particularly for me. I thought it was odd but left it, as there were daughters that needed feeding and that it always of tantamount importance.

Half an hour later I glanced at LLD to find everything was as should be. The machine that is blogger was working like a machine, one that is supposed to work, and I was happy.

Ever since then I 've had performance from this new terrific feature that has been anything from perfect to total pants. I can check in and find my linked blogs are working like a dream, or they can be totally absent or most of the variables in between.

I was just wondering really. Have any of you other bloggers experienced this? I've noticed a few have started to use this new thing and am interested to know who has experienced what.

Other than that I hope your Sunday will be a good one.

Mine will.

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mixedblessings89 said...

Hello to you.
I am not doing so well, but will recover in time, i think.

I put up the blog roll as well, and haven't yet had too many problems with it as such.
Sometimes though, it just shows the links like the regular link box I used to have earlier, and sometimes it runs like it's supposed to.
I wish, thought, that it didn't plonk me on to the feed page every time I click on one of the links there... I click on the link because I want to go to the blog, not to a feeder page.