Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh God, That's My Daughter!

There we were, me and the girls, sitting in a restaurant having lunch yesterday. The conversation was jovial, the atmosphere was kicking, our stomachs were satisfied and life felt good. K can be relied upon to make me shake my head in dismay, to roll my eyes with a amazement and to make me feel worried, in a fatherly way.

"Dad, I broke my record the other day."

"What record K?" I said. She'd pulled me into the situation and I had that 'damn I've just stepped in quicksand' feeling.

"You know, my record for the number of grapes I can fit in my mouth."

"Oh ok" said the Dad.

"I got 22 in my mouth the other day."

"You what?" said I.

"I got 22 grapes in my mouth, I beat my previous record of 20."

"Yeah, I believe you K, I do."

"No honestly Dad it's true, you can ask Felicity or Anna or Phoebe. And then I ate them all at once with spitting any out. Anna got 18 in her mouth and then couldn't eat them. I ate 22 honestly."

I believed every word.

That was the scary thing.

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Anonymous said...

well what can i say. that girls got talent