Monday, June 23, 2008

Remembering The First Time

The Right Honourable Cerno of Cerno Towers wrote a post about the fact he's passed the 500 day mark as a blogger. I offered him my congratulations and mentioned that his blogging has often led me to write a post or two.

There are many bloggers who inspire me in such ways. I read a post and my mind flies off on a tangent, then I write something. Cerno mentioned the first post I ever wrote and put a link to it. I clicked on the link. It made me feel funny. Not funny in the way I feel funny when I get a glimpse of Naz Sansoni's Levis, but funny in a "wow, imagine if I knew then what I know now" kind of way.

Here it is.

Monday March 13th 2006

Greetings to anyone who may have the slightest interest in this!

I have been contmplating the idea of my own blog for the last few weeks and it seems that I have finally done it.

The dilemnas of a new blogger are many. What elements of my life will I write about? What will I leave out?

How often will I update? Whose identity will I reveal?

I guess the experienced bloggers already know their answers to my questions, but they are exactly that - my questions - and they require my answers.

Give me time - and we'll see what comes of this!

There it is, my very first post, which I've copied and posted, a typo in "contemplating" too.

My life has changed so much since then that I almost can't believe it.

Mimosa hadn't played a single gig, now we feel like seasoned veterans. I was married, now I'm divorced. I wore contact lenses and couldn't see the end of my nose, now I've got twenty twenty vision. I still can't see the end of my nose unless I squint but that hurts the head a bit. I wasn't even in my covers band, now I am. I didn't have a tattoo, now I do. There was (theoretically at least) a cease fire agreement in Sri Lanka, I was one of the many who thought peace was imminent. Now there isn't one, now I don't.

I used to read the blogs on Kottu and follow the adventures of Electra and people like that with interest, now many of them hardly post, many don't blog at all. I certainly didn't dream that I'd build up my small readership, that I'd become one of the privileged few who can call Java a friend, though he won't give me his phone number yet and I have to wear a blindfold when we meet.

What about you?

What's changed in your life since you started blogging?


Lady divine said...

you actually made me go back to my first blog post and I couldn't help but smile.. I started it coz one of my closest friends said something that really hurt me... and I needed a way to let it out.. and thought blogging would help...

its been 2 yrs now... and blogging has become a great part of my life... and what I love, is that I've found a great bunch of bloggers to be with..:) and I can be me to the greatest extent on my blog...:)

TheWhacksteR said...

wel its a place you can mouth off all you want about anything under the sun and chances are that someone somewhere will 'listen' and perhaps even see sense in what you have to say..

i just started regular blogging. its great!

Indyana said...

I get to do something totally for myself,something I lacked earlier!

I've read some wonderful blogs,and look forward to saying something and to actually be "heard"!

And,I have found a simple satisfaction in the regular interactions one has with fellow bloggers via our blog posts and comments!

And much more, but, I'm a bit sleepy now!

Darwin said...

I got to know a whole heap of really nice-sounding people via my blog and I guess that's what surprised me the most about blogging - I didn't start out to make friends as such. My blog started out as a rant-blog, just a place for me to vent when things got too heady. I never thought it would evolve into the not-always-ranting blog it's become now!

Java Jones said...

I never ever thought it would go this far when Java came up with the idea, but in hindsight I'm really glad I did it as we have surprised the shit out of each other with the stuff that pours out of our heads. Not to mention the folk we found ourselves to have stuff in common with - like you and a couple of others.

Keep on keepin' on!

sach said...

This is to let you know that the blog address of Cynically Yours has changed and now it's so please change it in your blog feed or list. Thanks and feel free to delete this comment.

cerno said...

Thank you RD :) Your post got me thinking on a different tangent (as it usually does) about what it was like when I started blogging. There's a blog post in that one all ready.