Friday, June 13, 2008

Lately In The Sri Lankan Blogosphere...

It's been a while and many things have been happening all over our favourite blogs.

To start with Mr Sittingnut's back with his now normal mix of subtlety and diplomacy. I don't know the bloke, well I don't think I do, but I often read his posts and comments on other blogs and catch myself blinking at the monitor with a sense of bewilderment and intrigue. Like many I rarely agree with anything he says but I give him credit for speaking his mind. For an even better peep into the great Sittingnut mind have a look at this old post of Java's.

There's a three way debate/discussion/argument going on between Java, Sanjana Hattotuwa and Mr Nut, though it looks as if some semblance of peace has been declared. Java, with his best Norwegian accent, has suggested that they meet up for a drink and a chat and the others look likely to agree. In the meantime all aggressive and vituperous activity has stopped and negotiations on the possible venue continue.

Indi put up this post that's probably touched a chord with absolutely everyone who's read it. There's little I can add or say about it, just read it is my suggestion.

A newish kid in town is the Jathika Chinthana blog. I'm one of the many who don't know, well who haven't got the faintest idea, whether it's an entirely satirical or an entirely serious blog. It's funny though, in fact it's by far the funniest blog I've read for a long time. I just don't know if it's meant to be. Everyone's talking blogging about it, from David Blacker to Stirred. I won't be jumping on that bandwagon though.

Over at Saffron Says there's a nice and unusual post extolling the virtues of us good guys. We're a rare breed indeed, but the post has made us all think that we might have a chance to succeed with women. Of course once we think about things and reflect a little bit we realise that:

1. Women don't appreciate good guys
2. Will Smith has actually got very big sticky out ears.

Mr and Mrs Sansoni have returned from Amsterdam and most of the Sri Lankan blogosphere is waiting with baited breath for Dom's photographs to go up on his blog. Meanwhile the smell of cheese and herrings is wafting around Barefoot and there are rumours in high fashion circles that there's a new range of Barefoot clogs about to be launched.

The whole "7" tagging thing seems to be quietening down now. Everyone's been tagged (even me), everyone's tagged others and the last few people in the SL blogosphere, like Java, are holding out and resisting this childishness even though they really want to do it.

Thinkfreed has gone to the place where dead blogs rest. All links to it are dead and it's merely a memory, rather an interesting one too. But, D is still around and lurking has a new blog. It's called ViceUnVersa and you can find it here. So far it's all creative and advertising stuff. There's no sex, no politics and no arguments. Just like the ad industry really.

Meanwhile, over at the den of Dinidu there have been escapades with a python on a beach. Our favourite sexual rights activist has got sand in his arse after getting down low in order to get a good view of some fellow's "python". Yeah right. I wish someone would call mine a python. My snake rarely comes out of its basket these days and, if it does, it's usually on a solo expedition.

Gutterflower wrote this post about abuse, specifically some of the domestic type that she witnessed. I don't think abuse if funny or justifiable but the post is worth reading, if for no other reason than to remnd yourslef how lucky you are (I hope). A horrible and nasty experience is still narrated with Gutterflower's usual flowing and poignant style.

That people, is about it, the ones that have caught my eye in recent weeks. If you want more just glance at Kottu, the root of all Sri Lankan blogging.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for mentioning my blog, I'm glad you found it to be noteworthy..and yes Will Smith does have very sticky out ears doesn't he?!!lol! :)

Gini Appu said...

Appu thinking, hmm... api kaluda?

Perhaps Appu asking for...

aufidius said...

Din + Wishful thinking = Python

ViceUnVersa said...

Thanks RD for the blog mention.
The urge to transcend from Dagenham to Barking I constrain to the best of my ability.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Saffronsays + D - a pleasure.

Dinidu said...

LOL! Just got a look from my mother cos I was laughing at the whole "phython" mention... And don't mind aufidus... He's like that...

So the python is on solo expeditions these days huh? Whatever happened to you-know-who?