Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Strange Blogging Coincidence

Yesterday just started weirdly for me. I'd quite like to tell you about it, if that's okay of course.

There were two unusual things, no doubt caused by Dinidu's disappearance and subsequent discovery, a traumatic episode for most of the Sri Lankan blogosphere.

I normally have my alarm clock set for 5.50 AM, on weekdays. I like to start work early and find it incredibly productive to get behind my desk by about 6.45. I can get lots of mundane things done before being distracted by phone calls and other people and can get things done in about half the time it takes to do the same things at other times of the day.

On Tuesday night I got in from band practice and hit the sack at about 1.00 AM, quite tired but not really any more than on a normal Tuesday night. I woke up about ten minutes before the alarm was due to go off, I stared at the clock with that snarly feeling we all have when we wake up before the alarm. You know, that feeling of being pleased that we're up in time mixed with being totally pissed off that we have to get out of bed in a few minutes.

I dozed, woke, stared at the clock, then dozed, then woke and stared at the clock again, wondering why it wasn't ringing. Then I realised it was for two reasons; first, that it beeps rather than rings. Secondly, and far more seriously, was the fact that it actually said an hour later than I had thought. It said 6.50, not 5.50. That was why I had heard all of the unusual noise outside. that was why I felt a bit disconcerted.

That was why I jumped out of bed with the speed of an NGO fundraiser running away after knocking on sittingnut's front door and asking for money. You've never seen a red blooded metrosexual get showered, brush his teeth, put his eye drops in, apply his moisturiser, put product in his hair and generally spend time making himself look as if he's just overslept and jumped out of bed so quickly.

I was out of the house within about fifteen minutes and driving sleepily into work. All around me was different to "normal" and things looked weird. The traffic was busier, the traffic lights were changing with different delays to normal, the light was different, the radio presenters were talking about different things. My head pounded a bit from the rush and I got into work at about 7.30 instead of 6.30.

I was surprised to find that the world, well even my Company, hadn't collapsed because of my lateness. No sir. Everything carried on and I had to catch up and cope with a bit of a headache. Of course "catching up" for me was no big deal as I was still at my desk before many were around. Jay, my right hand man, had called me as I was driving in to see if I was off for the day and had forgotten to tell him, but apart from that there were no repercussions. Well, no repercussions outside my head, with normal people. Inside my head all hell was breaking loose.

It taught me a lesson though. The lesson that I should try to relax a bit more, that my obsession with being early to all things is exactly that, my obsession. Most people don't actually give a shit.

The other weird thing was blogging related. I had published my post, the very cleverly title Tat 2, about tattoos and the possibility of me getting another. You may have read it, it's about whether I should get another one, where I should get it and what I should get.

Lo and behold. I get into work, check the blog and find that T has written an almost identical post. About her getting a second one and what she should get and where. Her one was even called Round Two so there was only one word of difference in the titles. She's a bit scared of her Dad and I'm not at all. In fact I don't even know her Dad.

What a coincidence. I was amazed. Two posts about the same thing actually published at the same time.

Truly. Amazing. I thought.



sach said...

"That was why I jumped out of bed with the speed of an NGO fundraiser running away after knocking on sittingnut's front door and asking for money."

LOL. Example of those brilliant metaphors of yours that I'm always going on about.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thank you kindly Oh Cynical One.

Darwin said...

Heh that sittingnut comment made me laugh, thanks for that!

It's a coincidence yes but an inevitable one I reckon - there is only a finite number of topics one can blog about and sooner or later it is a statistical certainity that two people will pick the same topic at the same time :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Darwin - Yes, you're right about the coincidence and I guess it is a certainty, albeit an unlikely one. Coincidences are coming at me left, right and centre these days. I'll tell you about the one and my flight to SL in a few weeks time, You wouldn't beleive it!!!

Scrumpulicious said...

Lol - I love your sense of humour!

gutterflower said...

Lol. I have an unhealthy obsession for being on time as well.

I didn't know men wore moisturiser. Making a mental note to stop laughing at my dad because he uses face wash.