Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Morning Post

The girls flutter around downstairs as I come to life. I can hear their bustle of activity, the TV on, the chinking of plates, the seal of the fridge door as it opens and closes. Hearing their sounds and their presence is a sensation I never thought I'd miss so much. Never thought the murmering of their voices, the start of one of their petty, once every half an hour arguments over nothing would be something I yearn for.

Never thought I'd miss Colombo so much either, that beautiful feeling of waking up surrounded by its sounds and its smells, that buzz that makes it all okay.

Postives and negatives. That's what life's about for me.

The week ahead is a mental one. Two band practices, two gigs, one board meeting, K's twelfth birthday (finally) and I must also find time to wash my whites.

Would I change any of it?


Life is for living.

Saturday morning's for whacking out quick meaningless posts.

That's what we do.

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Indyana said...

Not meaningless at all RD...not at all...