Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Someone Check On Dinidu

It's hardly local for me but I think someone should check if he's ok.

His parents have gone away, he's home alone and he's been experimenting with VSOA and cooking.

There have been no posts from him since this one and I'm a bit worried.

Visions of him drowning in a pool of vomit, strawberry jelly and various kitchen ingredients float around in my head. They're not pleasant I assure you.

His parents' house probably looks like an outtake from an American teen movie. He probably hasn't eaten anything sensible for days and I bet he hasn't brushed his hair. That stale smell will be wafting around, the one caused by excesses of everything and the TV will be on at nearly full volume, which he'll be blissfully unaware of anyway.

Din, if you can read this, just give us a signal to show that you're ok, that you're out there.

Maybe a comment or even a post, just a sign, anything.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooh his ego will sky rocket once he gets wind of this! =P

Well he seems k... He's buried in work... Took a much nedded break today...
Checked on him this morning he seemed fine...

Dinidu said...

Can you imagine that Messaih rang me in the morning to check how I was doing? After seeing this post? That's like awesome! :)

Me alive... Was buried in work... So catching up on much needed sleep... :)

Thanks tho! Sweet of you...

Anonymous said...

dinidu who?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Messiah - Thanks for that!

Dinidu - I know you look on me as a sort of surrogate father so it's all part of the service!

Anon - You know who.

Middle Child said... probably kind of late here, but the last time i checked on him , which was about an hour ago, he seemed arrogant, sarcastic, mean, egoistic and sweet at the same time. so yeah, im positve he is fine. he is such a drama queen !!!