Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Arse Crack Hair, Indians And Book Buying Sprees

I was reliably informed yesterday, reliably because it was an Indian who did the informing, that Indians have more arse crack hair than others. Don't get me wrong, the informer isn't a chap who would win prizes at the local school's informer of the week competition but I did figure that an Indian might know more about the subject than a Sri Lankan Brit drummer would.

I can truthfully tell you that this is an area I have little to no experience of, but I'd be lying if I said I had no interest in it. Is it true? Perhaps, if it is true, then there might be a correlation between arse crack hair and willy length, an inverse correlation but one that exists nevertheless.

On other notes I found myself in a huge book store today. By that I mean a massive store that sells books, not a normal store that sells huge books. I went a bit mad and bought a couple of Wodehouse books, another great looking one about the art of the Samurai and a book written by a Indian about a Tiger of some sort. They all look highly exciting and will be added to my library with pleasure.

Oh 6 will be pleased that I bought a rather fetching Gant shirt too. Just to prove that I'm still a man with that extremely rare but much sought after by women blood type; man who loves to shop I believe it's called.


Indyana said...

Rd...your observations on us poor Indians...I swear...I'd think you had a thing against us!

Soixante Neuf said...

A man who loves to shop. *swoons*

A man who describes his new shirt as "fetching". Even more swoon-worthy. Lol.

Tigers are fun. The big cat kind. Not the terrorist kind.

Have fun with the new additions to your library.

Till your next fabulous post,


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Indyana - Of course not, merely passing on what I've been told!

6 - Thanks, as ever.

Dinidu said...

YOu bought Elephants Tigers and Cellphones????

uhu said...

ha ha... arse crack hair... this is so hilarious... conventionally referred to as 'puke mile' ha ha

Anonymous said...

I rarely walk into large bookshops these days.(Two largest ones closed recently as well as very cozy and tardy book shop called Cody's after 52 years!. I miss them. Amazon changed all that. But I still walk into two old bookshops that are around. Enjoy the new books! Hair! I will stop at an album that my parents have!