Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Songs I'm Learning

On Saturday I was sitting in my hairdresser's salon waiting for my hair to be cut. This was handy as, had I been waiting for a train or a waiter to take my order, it could have been a bloody long and fruitless one. I was sitting there, reading a gadget magazine and pretending not to be looking at the scantily clad hairdressers pouting their way around the salon, mirrors are useful sometimes.

I turned a page in the magazine and came across a review on one of those guitar hero / rockband type of games, I honestly can't remember the name of it but it doesn't matter. It was one of these ones that come with a pseudo electronic drumkit and you can "form" a band with your mates and pretend that you're, well, in a band. You can choose make up, tattoos, clothes and all sorts and then play along to your heart's content.

According to the review the supplied drum kit was very realistic and at times the fellow couldn't help but feel compelled to reach up and hit one of the crash cymbals in an intuitive way. I read it with my musician's scorn and my real drummer's disdain, while feeling happy that people, mere mortals, might get to experience a little bit of the fun and adrenalin of being in a band.

Then my mind went off on one. It kind of left my head and went round the back. After having a look at the arse of the cute blonde hairdresser it started to pat me on the back. I felt all pleased and chuffed with myself after reading the band game review. Why Rhythmic? I hear you ask.

Well it's because I'm one of the many people who get to do it for real. Not professionally of course, but I get to be in a band or two. While many play games and play along to Aerosmith or Lenny Kravitz songs on pseudo guitars and plastic drum kits I get to do the real thing. I've even got myself a real tattoo rather than a virtual one.

Sometimes I make people dance, sometimes they clap at me. On rare occasions a woman applauds my drum solo or smiles at me flirtatiously with those "get out of my bed" eyes. I get to do that smile thing, the half grimace, half smile, half "I knew I should have worn pants today" look that is only done by people in bands or in care centres.

Oh yes, it's a pretty cool thing. I like it.

In between other bits of life I've been busily trying to learn some new songs for the covers band. They're all quite straight up rockish songs and still interesting. One of the cool things is learning and playing songs that I've loved listening to in the past. Songs that I've grown up with and have accompanied me through bits of my life I actually get to play.

Here are some of the new ones.

Pride (in the name of love) - U2

Tempted - Squeeze

Starlight - Muse

Living for the Weekend - Hard Fi

Rock 'n' Roll - Led Zep (you know about this already)

Pick a Part That's New - Stereophonics

Are you gonna go my way - Lenny Kravitz

Mr Brightside - Killers

What do you reckon?


Soixante Neuf said...

Great selection, R.

The first is my favourite :) (Bono all the way!)

Followed by the last because it's so much fun to boogey to. Yes, I said 'boogey' dammit.

Sigh. Being in a band is great. I'm crap at piano and guitar and things but I love singing. So I've sung on and off with a couple of bands very briefly. The high is.... unbelievable :)

How long does it take you to learn a song? On average?


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

6 - Thanks for the comment as always. Learning a song individually (i.e me learning the drum part) can take anything from twenty minutes to twenty days. There's not really an average as it depends on the complexity of the part. Sometimes it's easy to learn the part but then it takes a long time to mesh everything together and make it sound good as a band.

Last night in band practice it was like that with Tempted. It's quite simple for everyone except the keyboardist but it's going to be a task to make it feel good.

It's all good fun though.

Times Eye said...

singing i love it ..but can't

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Times Eye - Me neither, totally hopeless at it.

sach said...

you need to upload some videos of you guys playing. i'm sure darwin knows how to cover the eyes in videos as well! mr brightside is such a fun song. you can scream along to it :)

TheWhacksteR said...

Im good at playing the (air) guitar if you need a (air) guitarist? especially good with Led Zep.

.... distance might be a prob though. damn.