Thursday, September 18, 2008

Final Day Blues

It's early morning on my final proper day in Singapore. A nice dinner with friends last night, complete with a scary drive with a newly qualified driver, put me in one of those moods that made me crash out like a lightweight on a night out with Java.

In a short while I'm heading off to Orchard Road, to mooch, browse, shop and look again at the jacket I almost bought the other day. Buying presents for the girls is like a Sri Lankan bus trip; filled with danger and scariness and very few winners. I'm banned from buying clothes for them and buying music is something I wouldn't dare try. What to do? Though I must add that I discovered these fantastic fake lychee things, little packets of artificial goodness shaped like the fruit of a lychee and smelling like the bastard chemical cousin of the real thing. I bought a packet each for the girls.

The heat here is a feeling on the skin and body that I just love. Warm climates are cool, if I never saw a cold and grey day again I wouldn't miss that little piece of Britain for sure.

Right then, I'm off.



Java Jones said...

Hey RD, what's the attraction Singapore has that makes you get the blues when you have to leave? It's not replacing Lanka in your heart, is it???

Anonymous said...

geylang maybe? or is it walton towers.