Saturday, September 6, 2008

How Do You Feel About Your Blog?

If you're reading this there's a high chance you've got a blog and I was wondering about something that you might be able to answer.

Most of us bloggers go through the whole "why do you blog?" thing. In my considerable monitoring I have observed that the average blogger writes their own "why do you blog?" post sometime within their first six months of blogging. They, or we, think that's it's a unique and intellectually stimulating post. They, or we, think that we've come up with something that's the blogging equivalent of the wheel when what we've actually done is to discover water, or to think we have.

My new question is related but different, like a transvestite cousin, unless you're a transvestite.

How do you feel about your blog?

This may be a hard question for men to answer but please try. I'm sort of getting at whether you feel proud about it, whether you're a bit embarrassed or ashamed? Do you feel imprisoned by it, does it make you feel nerdy?

Is it a distraction or a means of letting off steam? Is it your way of changing the world or is it a couple of words that you chuck out when you're bored between important political decisions?

So, pray tell.


Anonymous said...


i feel my blog lets me say what i want to say.
it also helps recognize me. and not to forget the ladies it attracts haha ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello RD! Well, honestly, I'm ashamed of it's quality and simple content! But, I need it for selfish reasons!So, I guess I won't let it go too soon!:)

Rine said...

Good Q! I feel proud of it.. but at the same time I like to keep it anonymous so feel a bit restrained that I can't put any personal stuff on it. Also, I like the blog more when more people seem to read it.. and of course, I have this weird issue where I can't write unless I feel very very very inspired to! Or something totally pisses me off and I wanna rant about it :)

TheWhacksteR said...

yeah i like it, it's a way to express myself creatively and also vent about controversial things that i feel would not go down too well in ordinary conversation. Also own more than one blog. maybe that suggests a split personality dosorder? I don't know. but im hoping more blogging will help me find out!

I say, you never mentioned what you felt about your blog?

uhu said...

So I have not been blogging for long.. which makes me wonder if my input even counts on this question.. and also.. I haven't done my 'why do I blog' post yet...(not sure I ever will either).

I think I blog.. I intend to blog, simply because I am excited about people. Excited about reading what people think, their views, their experiences.. and really just the processes of thought and feelings that flood all our lives.

I also like to relate to people.. if I can. I like to connect, even if only through a comment, I like to touch to encourage to give.. just reach out... I guess... offer something.. a smile, a ounce of happiness.. a stimulating thought.. something.

So my answer is related to your question, but different, kind of like a ... ;)

cerno said...

Keeps me from talking about obscure esoteric nonsense at parties which cause people to spill their drinks :) Like the Mongolian Navy or

My blog helps me look sane since I have an outlet for the loony stuff in the head. I'm grateful for that.

Anonymous said...

I feel glad that I started to blog. I get to know about a lot of people otherwise I would never get to communicate. My main goal is to keep in touch with SL and the people. I should be ashamed of my writing but I don't. Languages are my weakest link if they do not refer to computing world. So I feel happy about my blog and hope to keep it in my schedule.
Thanks for asking!

Sapphira said...

Hmm...I find it somewhat empowering. I'm generally quite a closed person, and it's helping me to be more open about things.
So yeah, I'm enjoying the whole experience...and it's great writing practice.

noorie said...

I blog in the hopes that given an outlet for spurting nonsense, I will end up talking less shit.

A pretty normal response I see!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Rosetintedview - It attracts ladies? Damn, I must be doing something drastically wrong!

Hello Indyana - I think the "simplicity" of your blog is one of its selling points, if one can call it simplicity.

Rine - I think we all have that thing when we sometimes don;t feel inspired to write, you seem to be doing a good job so far though.

Whackster - Well I'm quite proud of it and hope in years to come someone might look at it and get a feel for what I was like, the things I did and the thoughts I had. I also enjoy the whole writing thing a lot too.

Uhu - I like your answer.

Cerno - The Mongolian navy or ...?

KS - And I guess while you're blogging it means you're not falling down mountainsides too!

Sapphira - Interesting, I haven't thought much about how blogging may have changed me as a person, could be a whole post from that.

Noorie - I think there's a bit of that in all of us. Thanks for your comment.

ViceUnVersa said...

It's an expression of my insecurity
That the Paradise Isle or my friends there will forget me
I recognize this
I am.

Scrumpulicious said...

It's an outlet for me to vent, write things that I probably wouldn't be able to tell others in "real life" and to preserve memories. :)